Republican Congressmen Say Nobody is Complaining About the Adoption Tax Credit Repeal

It really is amazing. In the past 48 hours over 7000 emails, Facebook messages, and tweets targeting members of Congress have gone out from The Resurgent’s Action Center, but a member of Congress says they’re not seeing much of a fuss up there.

The GOP claims to be the pro-family, pro-life party, but they are funding Planned Parenthood and killing an adoption tax credit that literally helps families adopt children. On top of that, the adoption tax credit saves taxpayers’ money because it costs more to keep a child in state care than to place them in an adoptive home.

Look, the tax code should be about raising money to fund the government. But neither Republicans nor Democrats use it that way. They use it to socially engineer society. If the GOP scrapped all the deductions and credits, I would be totally fine with that. But they are not. What they are keeping are the deductions and credits that have aggressive lobbyists. Adopted children and their parents do not have aggressive lobbyists. So their tax credit is being killed unless you become the aggressive lobbyist.

So pick up the phone and call (202) 224-3121 to get the Capitol Hill switchboard. Shut down Congress’s phone lines and demand they keep the adoption tax credit. Tell them it saves money long term and it directly helps families. Congressmen say they are not hearing from you. So pick up the phone and make them hear.

No. 1-1

Erick, I only get to listen to your show for about 20 minutes a day so may have missed your entire stance on the adoption tax credit. My question is, why would we want to hold the tax reform hostage over this issue, vs. putting forth an effort to fix the process altogether and make it more affordable for qualified adults to adopt? Also, why is it we get hung up on a single issue preventing the bigger deal to take place? Everyone can pick a different single issue the prevents support and ultimately nothing gets done. Enjoy what I do hear from your show and look forward to your response. -Tim