Reporters Are Damning Kavanaugh For Their Own Sins. They Black Out, So He Must.

Because they behave this way, they presume he must behave this way

Let's be clear about what is going on in the press's rush to condemn Brett Kavanaugh as a mean, black out drunk who does regrettable things and doesn't remember them. Many of the reporters pushing this story are actually describing themselves.

It is possible to have a night of heavy drinking and still remember the details of the night. It is possible to drink a lot of beer and not black out. These things are very possible.

But many of the reporters covering this story do not view them as possible because, for these reporters, it is not possible in their experience. Frankly, and to be completely candid, there are more than a few reporters with drug dependency and/or alcohol dependence problems covering Kavanaugh and writing about him as if he is them. There are several reporters writing about Kavanaugh who do sexually harass and sexually assault young women. They too are writing about Kavanaugh as if he is them.

Kavanaugh has become that thing these reporters think they can condemn as penance for their own sins. They reflect their own lives in their coverage of him. Because they hit girls, he must. Because they sexually assault girls, he must. Because they can't drink without blacking out, he must. At the rate this is going, we're going to have "Kavanaugh does cocaine" stories because, you guessed it, more than one reporter covering him does cocaine.

It is deeply unfair to Brett Kavanaugh and to the public. But the press is more interested in alleviating their own guilt than reporting truth.

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Quite a few friends who initially endorsed him and supported him, including in the letters people sent immediately after the allegations emerged, have since changed their mind and are withdrawing their endorsement. Same with more than a few former clerks of his. A few have even criticized the FBI investigation as being too rushed and too shallow. They want more and don't believe in Kavanaugh.

They found Ford credible, they saw a man they knew lie under oath. That's why they changed their minds.

DonnaMartinGraduates There's a Lindsey Graham moment for every hypocritical position he takes. He lied to the committee! He doesn't even deserve his federal court appointment after this!

Robert     Moore
Robert Moore

Behold the "Fifth Avenue Republicans" as applied to a judge instead of Trump for once. Every new charge against Kavanaugh is false and a plot by Soros regardless of the facts.

So yes, Kav can shoot somebody on Fifth Avenue and still be supported by most Republicans. That's the country we live in now.


LBJ, JFK, WJC, FDR, DDE to name a few that "did it" while resideing in the White House in my lifetime (and probably "did it" IN our White House). They were PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA at the time these incidents happened, and the left-leaning press is going after something a young man POSSIBLY did while he was in college (stong emphasis on the word possibly).

Don't forget that LBJ, JFK, WJC, FDR, DDE (and there were more over the years) were all older married men at the time that they really and truly "did it", were not just accused of "doing it". The only one of them who had any ramifications was WJC, and that was more a slap on the wrist than anything else. This accusation, if it sticks, will change forever the track and possibility the quality of this man's entire life, as well as the lives of his wife and children.

SC Welch
SC Welch

Brett Kavanaugh is Christine Ford's Emmitt Till.