Remember Ken Bone? He Taught His Son Gun Safety. The School Suspended His Son.

A father taught his son how to properly and safely handle a gun. Now the son's school is suspending him because of it.

Ken Bone is the guy who went viral during the Presidential debate asking the candidates a question. He posted on social media that he was teaching his son gun safety. The picture showed him with his son at a firing range where his son was getting instructions on safely handling a fire arm.

According to Mr. Bone, his son has been suspended from school "pending a police investigation" because he was learning how to shoot a gun. This is just irrationally insane.

Nice SCAR they've got there. Kid shouldn't be canting it like that though, but at least he isn't chicken winging with his right arm. I hope his lawsuit against the school on First Amendment grounds is successful, and judging by the school's actions, that boy will probably learn more if he stays home anyway.

That's an FN SCAR, not an AR. Aside from that, what you said is true but irrelevant. The Second Amendment is there for weapons, not sporting equipment.

I support the 2nd amendment. I just want the both sides. Black Lives Matter might be right five percent of the time in their charges against law enforcement. Are the charges against Trump nominations smear campaigns or the truth? Expelling this student is as stupid as complaining about a pop tart gun, or pointing a finger and saying bang. Teaching gun safety and respect is great. A father doesn't have to announce everything he teaches his son.

The problem was with the caption, which said, "Here's a pic of my son learning to shoot safely under my supervision. Maybe those security guys want to talk to him." The school took it out of context, as a threat. Once they learned the context, which was a comment about the security at Parkland, his son was allowed back to school.

Loving the SCAR and the Fallout 4 hoodie.