Remember Ken Bone? He Taught His Son Gun Safety. The School Suspended His Son.

A father taught his son how to properly and safely handle a gun. Now the son's school is suspending him because of it.

Ken Bone is the guy who went viral during the Presidential debate asking the candidates a question. He posted on social media that he was teaching his son gun safety. The picture showed him with his son at a firing range where his son was getting instructions on safely handling a fire arm.

According to Mr. Bone, his son has been suspended from school "pending a police investigation" because he was learning how to shoot a gun. This is just irrationally insane.

I really believe this is the entire story. There is nothing that we don't know about the whole thing. Thanks for getting this out early to us and covering all angles. You forgot the part where you tried to contact the school for information. Oh wait, you're a Hannity type entertainer right?

This country is going insane... we are openly committing suicide...

If this is true then it's stupid. But we only have Men's side of the story. Typically students are suspended for something else

I was going to post a smug, smirky "ain't I just the most precious thing EVER" post to illustrate the role of mindless snark in commentary, but Magared beat me to it. Posts like this make me think the nation won't end with a whimper, but with a simper. Taken in context with other schools having hysterical overreactions to the very idea of their students being associated with guns, this report is pretty believable. Remember, in Seattle police can't refer to "suspects" but have to say they are looking for "community members" when trying to solve crimes. Some prison has stopped using the word "inmate" to describe a prisoner, instead referring to him as a "student". The nation, or at least the goofiest part of it, is lurching into a death spiral. The USSR was a victim, at least in part, of its own inhumanity and brutality----I fear ours will be due to simple silliness.


Just an FYI, Magared's a troll. She was being sarcasti although you nail it.

I think I'll take my 15-year-old daughter to the range and let her get some more time practicing the basics with her Marlin semi-auto .22. Maybe we should all do that and post pictures. After all, how many kids can they suspend at one time for exercising Constitutional rights.

A few more details would be nice to have. Learning gun safety with a twenty-two is not the same as a AR-15. Some locations would be more shocking and surprising. Then this is a lesson, that you don't put everything on social media. Question about if a family is armed or not armed is no business of the school, unless other problems have been indicated.

You realize they make an AR-15 in .22 caliber right? Once again, an AR is a semi-automatic, not automatic. It just looks scary. Take off all of the outside decoration and you are left with a rifle that looks like any other rifle that shoots the same as any rifle or most handguns. The gun is only as powerful as the ammunition inside. It doesn't shoot a bullet any faster than another gun of the same caliber. So basically, a kid is getting in trouble for learning gun safety and shooting like most kids that hunt. Maybe there's more to the story, but we can only have opinions based on what is reported.

I'll bet an aggressive lawyer would love to see the policy that allowed the school system get away with this. There is no possible way they could suspend someone from school because of being taught how to defend one's self. I would be looking for a few heads in that school system to be tossed out, and possibly a little booty to cover the legal fees.

You had me at “troll”. . .

Are you really that dense or hate that deeply that you can't even accommodate a differing point of view? Guns ar legal, guns are our history & culture, our right & our responsibility. This father is spending quality time, yeah, binding, with his teen son doing a legal past time, not ignoring him while he rots his brain on computer games/activities or running the streets being a thug.



So hide your 2nd amendment right and SAFETY IS SAFETY
Like do you retrain every time you drive a different car or truck! Basic safety applies doesn’t it?

Why do you troll here? Does it give you some kind of positive self actualization?


Magared is one of our resident trolls


Nice SCAR they've got there. Kid shouldn't be canting it like that though, but at least he isn't chicken winging with his right arm. I hope his lawsuit against the school on First Amendment grounds is successful, and judging by the school's actions, that boy will probably learn more if he stays home anyway.

That's an FN SCAR, not an AR. Aside from that, what you said is true but irrelevant. The Second Amendment is there for weapons, not sporting equipment.

I support the 2nd amendment. I just want the both sides. Black Lives Matter might be right five percent of the time in their charges against law enforcement. Are the charges against Trump nominations smear campaigns or the truth? Expelling this student is as stupid as complaining about a pop tart gun, or pointing a finger and saying bang. Teaching gun safety and respect is great. A father doesn't have to announce everything he teaches his son.

The problem was with the caption, which said, "Here's a pic of my son learning to shoot safely under my supervision. Maybe those security guys want to talk to him." The school took it out of context, as a threat. Once they learned the context, which was a comment about the security at Parkland, his son was allowed back to school.

Loving the SCAR and the Fallout 4 hoodie.