Regarding Jim Jordan

It is not a coincidence that this story is coming out as Jordan scores points against an out of control bureaucracy.

I have known Congressman Jim Jordan for a decade. I have not spent inordinate amounts of time with him, but have spent a good bit of time with him. I think very highly of him. I do not know the Jim Jordan of the early 90's, but I know the Jim Jordan of now.

Jordan is currently tied to a scandal at Ohio State University, where allegations have surfaced about sexual abuse in the athletic program, including the wrestling program where Jordan served as an assistant coach in the nineties.

From what I know of press reports, Jim Jordan is not accused of doing anything inappropriate toward young men. Several of the young men have specifically said they do not blame Jim Jordan. Some have said Jordan should have done something more to protect them than he did.

Three Long Branch High School graduates who were standout wrestlers at Ohio State University in the 1980s say they’re skeptical of claims that Congressman Jim Jordan, R-Ohio, knew about, but did not report, alleged sexual misconduct of a team doctor while Jordan was coaching at the school. Dan George and brothers Jude and Andrew Skove said they and other Ohio State wrestling alumni are planning an open letter or other public show of support for Jordan, who has been accused by at least five former Buckeye wrestlers of knowing about alleged sexual abuse by athletic doctor Richard Strauss because it happened regularly and was often discussed.

Jim Jordan denies everything. And in this political environment that is probably, regrettably, the safest play. Several of the young men have said Jim Jordan did chase away creeps. Jordan denies that too.

It is unfortunate that we live in a time where a man who is accused of no wrong doing is forced to even deny having prevented something lest he be dragged further in the mud and mess of a terrible situation. But the reality is that if Jordan were to come forward and say he tried to stop what was happening, he was only the assistant coach, and he's sorry he didn't do more at the time, there'd be no grace shown him. There'd be no understanding. There'd only be further calls for his head. There'd be further ignoring that he committed no crime. And there'd be further ignoring that multiple young men have said Jordan did intervene to stop the creeps and pervs or would have had no knowledge of the situation at all.

Alf said that while wrestlers joked about issues like Strauss’s behavior, he doesn’t remember the conversations happening in front of Jordan.

“He’s the most honest person I’ve ever met,” he said of Jordan. “The thing is, if he saw something like that, he wouldn’t have tolerated it. . . . If Jimmy says he didn’t know, I believe him.” Another former wrestler, who asked for anonymity to speak candidly about what happened, said that Jordan was “all business” as a coach and that team members were careful what they said around him. “It’s way more likely that [he] didn’t know than did know,” the former wrestler said. “We were so guarded around these guys. . . . I think the only reason he’s being dragged into it is because of his political stature, and I think that’s terrible.”

Jim Jordan is a good and decent man. He should not resign from Congress.

One addition note here: this information is surfacing due to an ongoing investigation into allegations of sexual abuse in the athletic program at Ohio State University. Jordan served as an assistant wrestling coach. I do not think this is part of some "deep state" attack on Jordan. However, I certainly think the attacks are being magnified by Jordan's political critics at a time he is both scoring points against the Executive Branch bureaucracy and possibly considering a run for Speaker of the House. The press is, for example, playing down reports of those students defending Jordan. A good example is the Washington Post story linked to above. The headline is "Rep. Jim Jordan faces new accusation that he must have known about alleged sexual abuse at Ohio State" and one must read to the end to find multiple former wrestlers defending Jordan and noting there's a political motivation to dragging Jordan into this scandal.

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@Jules* I guess all nine of them are lying then. Gym Jordan is too Christian and too much of a straight arrow to have known or he would have done something. Unless maybe he was protecting other coaches/doctors....nah...impossible. Or maybe he's a little weirdo himself? Nah, his behavior is TOTALLY NORMAL.. Except I've NEVER heard of coaches showering with players, or hanging out in the sauna with them in the nude(as Gym had done numerous times). Maybe that's normal where you come from...

It's hilarious that you even believe anything you write. Keep building that wall!


Democrats taking advantage, sure. But targetting? Jordan's district is R+14. Of the other 11 Republican Districts in Ohio, 9 are less Republican. The Democrats are putting up the same candidate they did in 2016, whose primary experience is as a teacher and head of a local teacher's Union and who Jordan beat by over 2-1.

My honest guess is that there are over 100 Republican members of congress who are more vulnerable than Jordan and anyone who believes that there will be a Democratic wave large enough to knock out that many Republicans is nuts.


What, EXACTLY, do these nine students say Jordan knew, and how do they know what he knew?

Clearly he knew some of the alumni were pervs and acting inappropriately in the locker rooms, and he kicked them out. That is not the same thing as knowing that his boss and co-workers were abusing students.

As a general rule of thumb, if one person is known to be a real straight arrow, very religious, very conservative, very upright, he is going to be the last person bad actors are going to want to be made aware of what they are doing. This is the kind of guy who is likely to call the cops, call parents, call kids in and ask them what is going on. This is the kind of guy who is the last to know about wrongdoing, especially homosexual wrongdoing, because he is the kind of guy who will not just ignore it. So unless someone can say with specificity what Jordan allegedly knew and how he found out about it and how the "witnesses" know he knew, everything is just too vague.

So I want these nine former students to be specific about what they think Jordan knew. There seems to be a lot of "Well, he SHOULD have known" and "Well, he HAD to have known". Did the parents of the abused kids know? No, because it was kept from them because of knowledge that this kind of information would lead to legal actions and firings. When you have a secret that can hurt you if it comes out, you try to keep it away from the kinds of people who will blow the whistle on you.


It was all "locker room talk"....about things that happened in the actual locker room.


Now Gym Jordan is claiming he stood up for players who were being abused, except he claimed that he had no knowledge of said abuse just the other day in an interview. REPEATEDLY. At this point he needs to go because he's obviously lying with his contradicting statements.