RedState Is No More

RedState's owners have engaged in a mass purge of talent.

I've told the RedState writers that I am happy to take them and put them on the writer stipend here. It isn't much, but can help. That said, if you haven't donated to keep us afloat, now would be a really good time. Thanks.

The site name will linger, but RedState is all but dead now. I have invited the fired writers here.

When RedState started in 2004, it was about collaborating between all sides of the GOP and, after I took over, had a real grassroots focus. Since the Salem purchase of Eagle Publishing, the grassroots focus went away as did the community building aspect in favor of clickbait with analysis.

Thankfully, Salem is retaining some very good writers who have long been at RedState, but today engaged in a mass purge of most of the writers.

My understanding from the writers is that there were two contracts, one more expensive than the other. Most of those on the expensive contracts were tossed, though some very good ones will stay. Of those under the cheaper contracts, it seems the dividing line was loyalty to the President. In fact, among those under the expensive contracts, I'm aware of some writers having near equal traffic generation, and those insufficiently loyal to the President were fired.

This is not a surprise as the same thing appears to have happened in Salem's radio properties and one of its hosts has told me he felt he had to be quiet about his Trump criticisms on his national radio show.

It is unfortunate, but the reality is that Salem never had any idea what to do with RedState and it was very obvious. It is one of the many reasons I chose to retire from the site after a ten year run as editor. They've really stopped driving a conversation among conservatives in the past few years as they turned to clickbait and now will really just be a clickbait site it seems.

That is unfortunate. It is also one reason I wanted to start rebuilding a community here. Readers are welcome, and the RedState community is welcome. Anyone can create an account and start writing, and we hope our focus will be less on clickbait stories and more on a resurgent conservatism not tied to cults of personality.

Laocoon is the epitome of a true Trump supporter. A refugee from the FDR-era who misses the 'good old days' when everyone loved the New Deal & America had a 3rd world economy...


We don't want to miss the mascot of that crew, DB, whose revels is his epic flatulence , his nazi references and his home made ar-15 which looks like it was built by Mattel


That's not accurate. Streiff reinstated my commenting privileges. I didn't check on the diary.

I'm somewhere between Susan and streiff on Trump. I didn't vote for him and would still not vote for him doing 2016 over again. I won't rule it out in 2020, but it's up to Trump to win my vote.

I think he's reinstating all the people Caleb banned, which appears to be about half of the regular commenters.

I guess I made Caleb mad when I called out several of the writers for being intentionally dishonest about the Roy Moore scandal. Being from Alabama, I had background and history that most, of not all of them, did not. That lack of knowledge is fine, until a writer keeps dpubling down on known error.

It became pro-Trump defending Moore and anti-Trump viciously attacking him. In reality, Moore almost certainly was not a Trump supporter in the primary and his wife was rather critical of him. It became a Trump proxy war and rational thought, integrity and honesty were tossed out the window. The anti-Trump wing made heroes out of people like Richard Shelby, who were not principled, they just rode the scandal as an excuse to attack and defeat an actual conservative. Not a pretend one, but a man that lost his job twice by refusing to surrender to the left and the GOP progressives.

Because of Moore's combative style, he was viewed as a mini-Trump, which is completely laughable. There might not be a man alive that knows the constitution and legal history as well as Roy Moore.

As I recall, Susan was the only anti-Trump writer that gave Moore a fair shake. She still disagreed with me on him, but was honest and fair in her writings about Moore, which was more than the others.


That said, Moore was a bad candidate and did a terrible job trying to defend himself. I knew he was a weak campaigner and an atrocious fundraiser. I backed Mo Brooks in the primary because he was equally conservative and would be much more effective.

You can say what you want about how Moore was treated but you can't say with a straight face that Moore cared one aota about the constitution. It's right there in black and white about which courts are superior and he dismissed a superior court's findings because he disagreed with them. A person who actually believed in the constitution would never do that.

Not the ones let go, because Trump is good friends with Pecker.


I would like to be reinstated, but I don’t even know who banned me, could have been streiff. I just woke up one Sunday morning back in January and could not log in. I noticed several other commenters disappeared (were purged) at the same time: markvol, polarbearpapa, and a few others I can’t think of off the top of my head. I still read a few a articles there once in a while but I used to read almost every single one. If I can’t comment, I’d rather just go someplace else.


Brilliant. I have noticed the same thing: by implication, all criticism of Trump is leftist because Donald Trump is the most conservative thing in the known universe and only liberals disagree, according to them, even when Trump agrees with Bernie Sanders and Al Franken on protectionism.


I've lurked on redstate for a few years now as a moderate to liberal individual who likes to read a variety of viewpoints. Now I'll lurk here, but wanted to register my disgust with Salem. Its authors now have no room to criticize the Atlantic for its also outrageous firing of Williamson.


I didn't want to get in all this about who did what or why, but I doubt Streiff did it to you. I also view this entire article as wishful thinking, unless all the delusion sides with wishing one group ill over another, as it usually happens on the interwebz. I could point to exactly who and why they whacked me, but it isn't worth a breath or a digit being pressed. I didn't know, since I was one of the whacked ones, that you and I were in the same boat. Regardless, I saw things getting out of hand by a few of the petulant moderators, who shall remain nameless, except for a toad who decided decorum could go to the dogs and made some quite heroic(cowardly) statement about me hiding behind my username. When I threw it back at him, it only got worse. I will say something about one site proclaiming another site is dead. Those who proclaim such nonsense should pause and reflect their own successes and failures and not try to capitalize on one liners that haven't been shown to be true. There's one thing to be certain of. Those who claim to be the higher ground and allow themselves to become victims, to castigate the opposing viewpoint, as in what I experienced, should also remember the other side has a vote, also, and may even been thinking or saying the same thing. Is that what you call tribalism? All I feel about the stupid issue is that I could disagree with most everyone, and still get along with them. It's called being reasonable and polite. The rest is a version of mild internet fascism that some seem to think doesn't exist. I'd keep an open mind.




Of course!


I didn't put it all together until you mentioned this story. I had no idea that you were banned. I just thought you had enough of the back and forth and left the site. I know you wrote something the other day about you and I on RS but didn't realize it was you...markvol. It is so good to see you again. We had some epic rants....lol. I did miss you and am so glad to read your thoughts again. I always respected them.


I have no idea how I never managed to get banned over there. But given they canned everyone I enjoyed reading it's time to jump ship.


You probably avoided pissing off Strieff or Caleb, that was pretty much the only way you could be banned.

I agree that the quality of the writing probably started downhill when Erick left. However, the viciousness and thin skinned rude behavior of some of the writers and moderators has flourished there years before Erick ever left and no doubt Erick knew about it and likely condoned it.

I wondered what happened to you and several others over the last few months. Now I know. Glad to see you here. I won't be going back to RS.


And I've always enjoyed your comments on RS, as they were thoughtful and free of guile. Glad to see you here.


Just the same name and same vile attitude.

Probably, Neil, was the one I was always upsetting. I agreed with him on most, ~80%, of things. But that other 20% got some interesting responses.