President Trump's Evangelical Friends Are the Worst Kind of Friend

Their friend has been banging a porn star while married and they're okay with that.

To review: President Trump had a sexual relationship with a porn star while his present wife was pregnant. President Trump had a sexual relationship outside his present marriage after his wife had given birth to their son.

The reaction from most of President Trump's evangelical friends is to either deny it or say, "So?"

This is how transactional the friendship is. President Trump delivers the goods and they give him cover. It is a user relationship that would make drug dealers proud. President Trump gives evangelicals their fix and they tell the cops the heroin came from someone else.

Along the way, they've given up their witness. They've given up trying to draw new converts to Christ. But most damnably, they've given up on Donald Trump. These friends should be calling on Donald Trump to repent. They're too busy enjoying sitting around the table to do so. They're scared to get thrown out of the cool kids party.

God's prophets were always getting mistreated and shunned. It was the court priests who got welcomed in with flattering words for the heretic kings and queens. Jezebel's priests had silver tongues, but are now in hell, while the prophets she slew will play a role on that final day.

And I have to think they'll be looking at all the President's evangelical super very best friends and asking them why they never called on President Trump to repent. Why did not they shun him until he came back to them with a penitent heart? That won't happen because they don't have the heart for Jesus anymore. They've become drunk off of access to power. They're too busy having too good a time in the court of King Trump to be prophetic voices or even Christian voices.

Their President has been banging porn stars while married. They should call on their friend to repent and get right with God. But that might upset their friendship. So instead they'll let it all continue and put their friend's eternal soul in jeopardy, not to mention their own.

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Hey Erik! How many years does it take YOU to repent? Based on your judgement of DT it must be longer than 10 years.


I think in context of scripture David is the opposite of the current president as David was humble, honest and repentant. I think Jeraboam the son of Nebat would be a moor honest comparison to Trump?


I'm having a bit of trouble understanding the POINT of this article ? What exactly is Eric Erickson's gripe with President Trump's success in pulling America,... it's economic-policies and it's Constitutional freedoms,.. back from the brink of collapse. It's still an ongoing-battle,.. and one which some Americans calling themselves 'Christians',.. or 'Conservatives',... or 'Republucans',... or 'Libertarians',... have a a paarticular disgust, and derangement in regards to President Trump.
IF these anti-Trump folks (who ALL seem linked, to a greater-or-lesser-degree, in their world-view to LEFTISM-- i.e. the DARK spirit(ideas)-of-Anti-Christ,.. were 'really', and 'honestly' concerned with the reputation of 'Christianity',.... then they should actually understand WHAT Christianity IS?
Today we remember 'Good Friday',... The day that God judged the 'sins' of the WHOLE, .. on and through the suffering and death of His ONLY begotten Son, Jesus ,Christ.
No one is able to pay or compensate for their 'own' sin... sufficient to satisfy God's requirements. Only a PERFECT MAN,.. without spot of blemish,.. a 'man' who IS perfect, and complete because he came into this world complete---in complete union with God (The Father) who was IN AND WITH GOD BEFORE THE CREATION OF TIME, AND THE UNIVERSE. A man who came-from God, and was in-essence God. Yet He humbled-himself, to take on the 'form'(bios) of a man--- just as the scriptures had lavishily-prophesied.
It was for the purpose of GOD'S WORK--- GOD'S SALVATION.
But suffereing the PUNISHMENT FOR THE SINS OF THE WHOLE WORLD was only HALF of God's purpose (Roman's 5:9-10).....
It was His RESURRECTION that made it POSSIBLE for any one who would TRUST IN THE 'WORK' OF JESUS CHRIST,... to 'RECEIVE' God's LIFE --- His timeless-love-truth,... His Holy Spirit (GOD'S IDEAS,TRUTH, and WAY of seeing,..understanding)!
Even though THIS 'Gospel Message' is centuries old,.. and timeless in it's effect and truth,..... it seems that MANY have never heard or UNDERSTOOD it,... yet call themselves Christians.
Their 'form' of Christianity ---their 'form of godliness, which DENIES the power of God',... and elevates 'self-righteousness', and 'human-effort',... and 'human-wisdom' to a level that rivals the Pharisees that continually disputed with Jesus Christ--- The Creator of Life, and the Universe, with God the Father, and God the Holy Spiirit!
There are many forms of religious-legalism (Christian, and otherwise--such as Islam),.. which ascribe to a HUMAN-EFFORT based form of 'righteousness'. These things mean less-than-nothing when it comes to receiving God's LIFE, through TRUST in the 'work' of Jesus Christ!

So you see, I fail to understand WHY Eric strains-so to remove the 'gnat' from his soup, while proceeding to swallow the 'camel'?
On-balance President Trump has done MORE that aligns with principles of truth of the Bible,..than I suspect Eric could ever hope for.
Eric does not seem equipped to handle God's purposes in regards to nations,.. but Eric does seem to be an adequate 'nay-sayer' water-carrier for the political LEFT.
Things like abortion,.. homosexual-lgbt-agenda,... Islam and Sharia-law,.. BLM-brotherhood-of-victimhood, federal-court judges,.. ILLegal-immigration and national-security---to name a few issues,.... are IDEAS (dark 'spirits',.. demonic-spirts,.. spirits-of-destruction),... which INFECT the world with destruction. On-balance President Trump is doing quite well in addressing these policy-issues from an executive-branch governing position.
When President Trump was elected, he was hired to do a job!
When you need a doctor for illness, or mechanic for car-repair,.. or a plumber,.. you want someone who DOES THE JOB. Their personal-views, relationships, and actions are secondary. You want to hire someone who is competent, and GETS THE JOB DONE.

We understand that he is flawed----like every other human-being. He is not the messiah,... and neither are we 'drug-addicts' because we support someone who's public-policy views largely agrees with ours.
Only a desperate LEFTIST. would try to make such an inappropriate comparison.

Ideas, Truth, Grace, and Courage MATTER!


my view is this, they are following, Trump is leading.They are taking on Trumps traits, it seems to me the cult of Trump has converted them and is setting them appart to do his works?


To Bill Lommey: My point was that the allegations of Trump's sexual immorality are all over a decade old, as 2006 was the year of Trump’s alleged Stormy Daniels affair. The Billy Bush tape was also in 2005. In essence, Trump is being judged for alleged sins of over 10 years ago. I am fine with God judging Trump for his past sins. I am fine with people judging Trump for his current sins. But I don’t believe it is right to judge Trump for his alleged past sins rather than his current behavior. This has nothing to do with an improper defense of Trump’s immoral actions by denying that the alleged acts are wrong – which I don’t hear people doing, although some may be. It is a matter of Christian principle that we are to forgive others as Christ as forgiven us (Ephesians 4:32). If you want to criticize Trump for his recent words, that is also fine. But criticism should be specific and words about possibly shooting people in the street are not the same as shooting people in the street. In my opinion, these are just words that indicate Trump knows people are voting for him because of his political policies of today and that his immoral actions of a decade ago won’t change that.