President Trump is Right. The Border Wall Is Worth the Shutdown

He should keep the government shut down until the Democrats compromise or the GOP exposes itself as weak on the issue

Arguably, the President should have taken the deal last year to get $5 billion for the wall in exchange for a DACA compromise. I supported that then and support it now. But Democrats, having moved left after the election, are unwilling to offer up the compromise again. The President is right to keep the government shutdown going until the Democrats offer up money for the wall.

Securing the border, like defunding Planned Parenthood, is one of those issues that Republicans have long campaigned on, but failed to deliver on. But, unlike defunding Planned Parenthood, Democrats have also supported securing the border, including with a wall, in the past. Multiple Congresses have funded parts of the wall, studies on the wall, or authorized construction even if not the money to go with the authorization.

Increasingly, both Republicans and Democrats are more public with their contempt for the idea. They think it is cruel or would do no good. But securing the border is a national necessity, and the cruelty is in incentivizing illegal immigrants dying in the desert because they are unsurprisingly avoiding those areas with existing border security and walls.

Republicans and their establishment pundits routinely convince themselves that shutdowns do no good and the GOP will get blamed. But now is the best time to do one. They have already lost the House, and the Senate GOP has never really suffered because of a shutdown.

We finally have a President willing to fight for border security and keep the government closed to do it. If Republicans in the Congress cave on this issue, they will be exposing themselves, not the President, and they will pay the price.

Conventional wisdom in Washington, the media, and others are convinced a wall is a waste of time, will do no good, and is a waste of money. I disagree. The President disagrees. And I believe this is the right fight to have. Republicans and Democrats in Washington have long waffled on immigration and what to do about illegal immigration. I continue to maintain the government must spend money south of the border to help Central American countries curtail the issues causing illegal immigration. But in the meantime, the wall is an appropriate measure to stop these caravans from coming and to stop people from thinking they can carry their children through the desert to get into this country.

Likewise, if there is money that can be reprogrammed by the Secretary of Homeland Security or other appropriate entities to pay for the wall, the President should order it. It is time for Washington’s elite in both parties to compromise with the President on this issue and offer up some level of funding to continue construction of the wall.

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Our perspectives on the substantive issues have much in common. More specifically, I think the ills that concern you are entirely legitimate. To get to a point where Democrats and Republicans could agree on some form of comprehensive immigration reform - each side giving on some things in exchange for concessions on others - would be so beneficial in putting this divisive issue behind us that it would be worth putting aside my concerns about Trump's effect on our political culture. In the spirit of honesty that has governed our exchanges, however, absent a deal that significantly moves us toward resolving the illegal immigration issue once and for all, the wall is all about Trump for me and I think most Democrats.

I follow Erick because I sense in him a very good man with whom I just happen to often disagree, articulate and clear thinking enough to sometimes help me better understand the conservative perspective. I sense that in you as well and am grateful for this exchange. In that spirit, I shall sincerely weigh the considerations you have offered on this issue, and the degree to which my strong concerns about Mr. Trump cloud my judgment, as I know they do. This includes the possibility that perhaps they should not.

For your part, I would ask that you weigh my concerns about the President's effect on our politics, particularly that of driving apart people of good will apart on issues such as this where they might otherwise be able to come together. This would include the possibility that perhaps he should not.

For a President of the United States, however his supporters might take his words, their literal meaning is of great import to the broader nation and to the world. When so many of them are blatantly untrue, it is really hard to get past that for those of us who still think that truth is important. As I try to better understand your perspective, do try and understand my concern that a President who is hard to take seriously is a very real problem, in and of itself; which is why for me and a great many others, he is the main issue here, all by himself.


This is nothing but a political game, and you have been sucked in. The republican had control of the house, senate, and the White house for the past two years. However, they did not make the immigration and border a significant issue until the democrats won the house. The question is why? Because the republican party has abandon any association with conservative principals and they need to create a false narative for the 2020 election.

This is another instance of we the pawns being used by the republicrats and the demicans.


Think outside the box. Use transportation funds to build a 6 lane interstate along the border with a sound barrier...


Not only is President Trump wrong, he continues proving himself to be the biggest liar in American political history.

  1. Mexico is, has and will not pay for the wall.

2 No illegal immigration crisis even exists. Down approximately 80% since 2000, “In FY17, CBP recorded the lowest level of illegal cross-border migration on record, as measured by apprehensions along the border and inadmissible encounters at U.S. ports of entry,” stated a Trump administration report from U.S. Customs and Border Protection. The number went up just 11% last year.

  1. A State Department report for the year 2016 said, "There are no known international terrorist organizations operating in Mexico . . . and no credible information that any member of a terrorist group has traveled through Mexico to gain access to the United States." Now Trump would have us believe there are thousands every year!

  2. Finally, Trump's claimed proficiency as a negotiator is now laughable. Having been unable to strike a deal with the Democrats, he has now resorted to taking hostages in the form of the federal employees who must go without pay.


OK, Erick, you're becoming schizophrenic! Without searching for the writing, wasn't it just last week that you were arguing that we can't build a wall because of the terrain & even the loss of personally owned property through Texas & Arizona along the Rio Grande? Wasn't it you that was arguing that we don't need a fence we need more technology?