President Trump Is Being Badly Served By Staff

They are too busy knifing each other to help the President.

There is another leak out today designed to hurt John Kelly, the White House Chief of Staff. The leak suggests Kelly has thrown in the towel on working to curb the President's self-destructive tendencies and thinks impeachment would be okay with him. This comes on the heels of several other leaks about John Kelly and more.

All of this is happening as the White House is bogged down in an immigration fight that they have messaged terribly. While I oppose the policy, I think I have mounted a better defense of it than the White House team. And that's the problem. President Trump's staff is incapable of going a day without leaking against each other, knifing each other in the back, and otherwise trying to sabotage each other to advance their own careers.

The Attorney General and White House Chief of Staff say separating families is to be a deterrent. The Secretary of Homeland Security says it is not. The messages are conflicting.

They've also given up on the President, letting him careen off message with no hope. Part of that is absolutely his fault. It is his style. He does not want to rein it in. But there's also the issue of the staff. They are making matters worse with their constant leaking, constant back stabbing, and constant failure to help come up with overarching talking points while getting everyone on the same page.

Serious question Erick...Are republicans EVER responsible for the things REPUBLICANS DO? Is this something that only happens on Feb 29th during a leap year? Everything is Obama's fault, or Dems, or liberals, or the media, or anyone else you can blame, including defenseless children. It's never a Republican who is to blame, who takes responsibility, who apologizes. I guess I'll have to wait until 2020 to find out.

No one can control Trump so they should quit trying. Trump does not take advice. He never did and never will. He's the boss and he lets everyone know it. His opinion is the only one that matters. And for those who try to hold his feet to the fire, he will say "you're fired!"



I agree with you for the first 2/3 of that post. Obviously, you are free to vote for leftist that oppose freedom, biology, religious freedom, life and want to tax you into oblivion to make the point that you hate Trump. Everything that you hate about Trump, the left has just as much, if not more. Do you think the left cares about kids separated from parents at the border? Of course they don't. If they did, they would be supporting Cruz's bill, which is specific bill to solve this issue, not soiled by tying other things into it. They are every bit as immoral. Every bit as vile. Every bit as narcissistic and every bit as evil as Trump is. I simply don't understand the concept of supporting all of that just to get back at a man that isn't on the ballot. The Democrats cannot remove him from office, as that takes 67 votes in the Senate. At best, you are going to stall the limited good stuff we get through policy. You may simply get Trump to start signing on to leftist policies to get a "win".

I even understand if you said no Republicans and voted third party. I don't understand cutting your nose off to spite your face. Voting Democrat because of the legitimate issues with the GOP is like firing a guy for smoking weed and hiring a new one that smokes crack. You are going backwards.

On an individual level, Cruz is actually one of the only people in Washington trying to solve this problem. Everyone else is using it to score political points. Is he going to get on CNN and bash Trump? No, he isn't. Cruz wants to be President one day and doing that gets you the Mark Sanford treatment. You can criticize that if you want, but I would like to have some serious options for President in the next two decades that I can actively support.

Besides the logical problems with it, did any single person do more and work harder to prevent Trump than Ted Cruz? I don't think so. The man put everything he had into stopping Trump (by winning himself) and came pretty close to making it happen if he had a few earlier events break his way (such as Rubio dropping out after getting shellacked). I am not really sure what you want from the guy. If Cruz came out and condemned Trump for all of his many antics (which I assume is what you want), he would be Mr. Cruz, probably defeated in the primary. What good does that do? Then we have an establishment toadie that will take his place in the Senate, give verbal fealty to Trump and spend the next 6 years working against conservatives. Cruz doesn't defend the antics, he just refuses to talk about anything other than policy. I think it is the perfect strategy. It keeps him viable politically and keeps him from having to defend the indefensible.

I understand your frustration. I just think your solution doesn't solve the problem, it actually makes it worse. Trump's only control is pressure from the right. Without that, he most likely gets worse.

@etbass - You could have just shortened this to "Don't you think you could overlook our glaring shortcomings and hypocrisy? The decades of bullshit and lies? False promises and betrayals? WE WILL NEVER CHANGE BUT WE NEED YOUR VOTE. WE ARE DESPERATE AND DYING."

No, I couldn't without changing the entire point. The point isn't that Republicans aren't bad. It's that Democrats are worse. Knowingly voting for worse to get rid of bad is counterproductive.

You won't see me advocating to vote for all Republicans because the Democrats are worse. There are some I won't vote for because they can't pass the minimum acceptability threahold. Trump was one of them, as was Jeb Bush. Rejecting Republicans doesn't mean going over to insanity and voting for Democrats.

Cruz is one of the good guys. He isn't perfect, but none of us are. He's doing the best he can within an incredibly flawed system. If I can't back anyone that's in office, like Cruz, Lee and Paul, or Meadows, Jordan, Massey and Brooks in the House, then I'd check out. I wouldn't care any more and fire up another episode of House of Cards and forget about real politics. If we are so bad off that no one is worthy of support, then why care at all? Just do something else with your time. Or start or work for a third party.

Moaning about it or backing worse people to "teach the GOP a lesson" is foolish. That lesson can be taught by voting for a third party much better than voting for a leftist. They are all of the bad and none of the good. A person that votes for the left is actively affirming what they stand for, regardless of the reason you supported them. The actual vote is all that matters.