Postmodern America

I finally understand what it means to be in postmodern times.

Like me, you have probably heard the phrase “postmodern​” for a decade or more. I have always struggled to really understand what it means. I knew it was connected to relative morality and relative truths and people putting feelings ahead of thoughts. But it still never connected until our present political climate.

If you are still struggling to see what a postmodern America looks like, look around. One year ago, Democrats were savaging James Comey and the Federal Bureau of Investigation for plotting to keep Hillary Clinton out of the Oval Office. Comey’s release of his letter, they assured us, scuttled her chances of winning. But Democrats also assert that nothing was wrong, Clinton did no wrong, the FBI “witch hunt” was wrong, and Russia stole the election. Multiple, mutually exclusive truths are all true.

Meanwhile, Republicans thought the FBI did not go far enough and now are convinced that the very same FBI that investigated Clinton also worked to undermine Donald Trump. Ignore the context of various text messages, just look at them individually. Do not think about them. Feel them. Emoting is the new thinking.

Stormy Daniels is another example. She is the porn star who had an affair with President Trump while his current wife was pregnant or had just had their new child. I will ignore the use of the word “alleged” because it does not, or should not, apply here. Daniels gave a lengthy interview about it referencing things that no person would conjure up in a made up conversation. Well before any of President Trump’s tweets on how much he hated sharks and would not give to shark related charities, Stormy Daniels was telling reporters how the President hated sharks and would not give to shark charities.

If that was in scripture, Christians would point to that sort of thing as proof scripture must be real. There is no way Stormy Daniels would have gone into a lengthy dissertation about the President hating sharks and not giving to shark related charities unless it happened. In fact, Christians do this sort of thing in scripture. You would not conjure up a story where angels appear to shepherds because the shepherds had no credibility, were completely distrusted, and could not even testify in court.

With Stormy Daniels, we have a confirmed press report from the Wall Street Journal that a company related to President Trump paid her $130,000.00 in exchange for her silence. The Trump campaign, around the same time, transferred that same amount of money to the Trump Organization. In a modern world, we would take all these things and suggest the story at least has a significant kernel of truth.

In a postmodern world, the very evangelical Republicans who would try to impeach a Democrat over a similar fact pattern are saying there is no proof. Because no court of law has shown that this happened beyond a reasonable doubt, the affair could not have happened. But Jesus is real, y’all.

I actually believe Jesus is real and I think the breakdown in truth in this country comes from a growing rejection of his truth. Now truth is tribal. If it benefits your tribe, you accept it. If it hurts your tribe, you not only reject it, but reject the person who revealed the truth. Sadly, the media has a role to play in all of this. The media should be about fact-finding and truth revealing. But the media has its own tribe, which tends to be the liberal, postmodern tribe. So the media will focus on impropriety on one side and focus on explaining away impropriety on the other.

Republicans can believe the FBI has been infiltrated by partisan forces undermining the President because they saw it happen at the IRS. And they do not trust the media to accurately report on it now because the media did not accurately report on it then. In a postmodern America where people feel instead of think and truth is relative and not fully knowable, finding the real truth becomes a more necessary task, particularly for people of faith.

Erick, the modernist movement of the late 19th and early 20th century successfully undermined believability in the foundational truth of the Bible and then propagated their agenda through the churches afterwards. Once foundational moral truths and values are undermined and accepted, society goes completely downhill. The evangelical movement - for all its faults and abuses - because men are part of it- is slowing winning back some of the ground and authority lost. But progressivism, materialism and secularism has brought us to this point in the very name of “enlightenment”. This should be fairly obvious from/via your seminary classes unless those institutions have also been universally infected.


I have to laugh at the efforts, usually successful, to amplify a story by adding adjectives to amp it up. Daniels is not just a woman who has sex for money onscreen, she is a "porn STAR". Trump didn't just take advantage of her availability, he had an "AFFAIR" with her. And so on. Yes, he has a sordid history, I cited it over and over again when I fought so hard to keep him from being the GOP nominee. I don't deny it. I also think there are some people who constantly, throughout their lives, reinvent themselves, often in a search tor an identity that fulfills them. We have seen this with Trump, as he has undertaken one identity after another: Business tycoon, beauty pageant impresario, wrestling promoter, husband to her and then her and then another her, reality TV star, etc. I don't deny that he was any of these personas and I don't defend any of them. But what I am seeing now is the persona of President of the United States and Leader of the Free World, and from what I can see he is taking this all very seriously and working very hard to live up to the job. As a person whose life path to where I am now has not been linear, I can at least try to accept that other paths of other people have been even less so.. As a Christian, I believe in redemption. As a pragmatist I believe that a person can throw himself into a job and have a total commitment to it and its demands no matter what he has done in the past. As a realist I look at what t

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As a realist I look at what I see Trump doing and like it and think it is necessary to rescue this country from its death spiral of growing Leftism. So I don't fret about what has happened, because what IS happening is a lot more important to me, and I am energized and enthusiastic about what I hope WILL happen.

The problem that Trump still behaves a childish frat boy, not the President. That is an issue because it makes advancing good policy much more difficult. It'll distracts his detractors, but it distracts marginal supporters too. The marginal ones are the ones he's got to keep. I also believe in redemption. With Trump I also see no remorse, no repentance, and no change in his persona. Generally, the actions of his administration have been good. Before we discount a man's character, or claim he's changed, where is the evidence of that change. He's denying the affair and paying her off. And why? There aren't a dozen people that are going to change their opinion of Trump based on the truth or untruth of this in the entire country. So why lie about it?

If it was Pence, I would understand the reason he would lie. It would be out of character and cause him a tremdous hit in approval on people's opinion of him. But Trump? It's already baked it.