Pick Up Your Phone ASAP

Tell your Senator to support the Rubio-Lee amendment

The Rubio-Lee amendment will help working class families take advantage of the child tax credit if they pay payroll taxes. Go to the action center now and I'll connect you to your senator via your cell phone.

Hmm, let's see... Nelson won't support anything on the Tax Plan, and Rubio is my other Senator.

So Erik is taking over for Barack Obama and pushing for wealth redistribution. Take from those who work and give a refundable tax credit to those who pay no Federal Tax. Makes no sense.

So Erik is taking over for Barack Obama and pushing for wealth redistribution. Take from those who work and give a refundable tax credit to those who pay no Federal Tax. Makes no sense.

@AmericanPatriot No that's wrong. Didn't you read what Erickson wrote? Working class families pay PAYROLL taxes and federal government treats that like income tax. By giving them a child tax credit and getting rid of marriage penalty tax, it will help to ease the working class families' burden in supporting themselves.

The payroll taxes, SS, Medicare, Medicaid are benefits that you receive when retired. This amendment requires other taxpayers to pay for your benefits. So those who have no child dependents pay for those that do. Did we learn nothing from the war on poverty. Pay people to have kids, many without fathers, just to get free benefits, no matter how it is packaged is not the way to run a country.

I have no problem with removing a marriage penalty. But the proposed $2,000 child tax credit is double the current credit. That is more than generous.

You really need to argue why we should support this before you demand action. Your position is not very conservative but neither is our tax system even with the tinkering the Republicans are doing.

@AmericanPatriot in principle I agree, but the truth is that the gov’t spends every dime long before it can be paid out in those programs. It’s just another slush fund. And truthfully, the payroll tax is regressive. I’d prefer they eliminate the whole damn thing for private accounts, but at least it’ll let the people who can least afford it get some relief from the Ponzi scheme.

If you don't pay income tax, you shouldn't get any refund/credits.

Illegal aliens, many of whom claim dependents in MEXICO, defraud this tax credit to the tune of an estimated $20 Billion - with a B - per/year. Levin flatly rejected this today. LOWER the damn rates!! What is in the heck is WRONG with these pathetic cowards?


You don’t get your Medicaid money back if you’re poor. And state Medicaid programs don’t kick in until all your assets are gone. Then they take your house after you die. And you’ll draw far less on SS than you ever put in. Give folks with kids a break, shall we?

So those without kids should pick up the tap for those who do. So I go to restaurant to by dinner and the law says you have to pay for your own dinner and for part of the dinner for the guys kids at the next table. If people choose to have kids they should be prepared for what it cost to raise them and not hand the bill to other taxpayers.

@AmericanPatriot I get a sense of bitterness from you. If I pay more taxes than you, are you then driving on MY road? Nothing about taxation or it’s spending is equitable. This isn’t going to cost nearly as much as a thousand other less useful proposals. There’s no argument against it other than the bitter fairness argument the left always pushes.

No bitterness, this is suppose to be tax simplification. Mixing in additional tax breaks tied to other withholding just complicates things more. A $2000 refundable child tax credit does enough.

American Patriot You're not alone. I agree with you. If one wants to simplify the tax code, there are going to be lots of gored oxen.

But don't the poorest folks already get the "earned income tax credit?" As far as I know, they do, and that would make the EITC essentially welfare money, because they did not pay any taxes, yet they get a credit which may be a multi-thousand dollar "refund."