Ouch: Painful Interview Between Mark Levin and Matt McCall

He had to know the accomplishments question was coming

Matt McCall and Chip Roy are running for congress against each other in TX-21, a district where incumbent Congressman Lamar Smith is retiring. They've been arguing over who has done more for conservatives or who is the most conservative. McCall has accused Roy of being a Washington interloper. We've endorsed Chip. He's a long time friend, former Chief of Staff to Ted Cruz and former Texas Deputy Attorney General who didn't move to DC to be Cruz's Chief of Staff because he didn't want to move his family to Washington. He's not exactly a Washington interloper. He's also a very accomplished conservative who has done a lot for both the movement and for Texas.

Which leads me to the interview with McCall and Mark Levin. Listen for yourself.

Not my District in Texas, but that's not a guy I could support.

I have supported Ted Cruz since 2011. Everything from phones to Twitter and then toward the presidency. The day I stepped back in my support was when one of his PACs put out those vile horrible pictures of Melania Trump. Yeah, yeah, I get the whole super pac thing. Keeps the candidates at arm's reach, right? But, what about those people who run the Super Pacs? They obviously are willing to do anything to get their candidate elected no matter how vile and disgusting they act or how vile their ACTIONS are. It took me a long time to warm up to Trump. But, at my age I have realized two things. In my life time there have been been two "civilians" who have come to the rescue of America. Ronald Reagan and Donald Trump.
The term Swamp is used a lot the last 18 mos or so, but quite appropriately. I think we need a lot more non-swampers than ever before. They just go charging in and get things done.
In my congressional district (21), my dreams have come true. Lamar Smith will be gone soon, but is he going to leave behind his old swampy legacy? The answer is he's trying, by supporting Chip Roy, On the other hand, I don't appreciate Ted trying to shove Chip Roy, a man who is up to his armpits in Washington politics, down our throats just because we supported Ted. And for all I know Chip's the one who released the VILE and DISGUSTING pictures of Melania Trump while he worked one of Ted's super pacs. Maybe I shouldn't hold it against Chip that shortly after he was locked out of his Texas AG office, and Paxton gave him a resignation to sign, he went to work on Ted's Super Pac. So, if Chip did all of this great work, I wonder why his previous, Texas AG Ken Paxton doesn't support him now, even after all of his "hard work" in Texas. Just another Washington political hack as far as I'm concerned.
For me, Chip Roy is a swamp dweller, and will be his happiest engulfed in Washington politics for the rest of his life is my guess. Remember, in his ads he's mentioned few things about Trump's policies he's willing to support. THAT bothers me a LOT!!! America is on a roll right now and should stay that way.

A withering cross examination. McCall seemed weak on the issues, even overtly evasive.

CandyConservative: You dumped Ted Cruz because a SuperPac supporting him -- indeed, NOT Cruz himself -- posted "vile" photos of his wife? And now you support Donald Trump? Is this a joke? Pray tell, how did/do you react to DT's "vile" counterattack on Heidi Cruz? I could list a bunch of Trump words or actions (campaign or in office) that have been equally or more repulsive. What about his slandering of all POWs for "getting caught"? How's about his ridiculing of Ben Carson's Christian testimony, likening it to the story of a pedophile? Need I to mention the "Access Hollywood" video? Moments on tape of the man you now support, his own voice, his actual chortling braggadocio, giving new meaning to the word "vile". And btw, for most of it he's never taken responsibility. Even for the "Access Hollywood" obscenity he recited a half-hearted apology only when events forced him into it, briskly turned his mea culpa into an attack on Bill Clinton, and has since passed off the entire scabrous episode as mere "locker-room banter", (ie, he apparently never thought it was any big deal in the first place.) If anyone doubts Donald Trump has cast some kind of flummoxing spell over otherwise formerly thoughtful conservatives all they need to do is read your comment. Good grief.


So Mark Levin is really -- really -- bewildered why Matt McCall would have made the crack he did about not wanting Donald Trump to watch his daughters? With everything else he could focus on, THAT is one of the key, disqualifying issues with this man? Mark is the guy who was appalled when DT's thug Corey Lewandowski assaulted Michelle Fields during the campaign. I remember clearly when Mark nobly chided the then-candidate Trump for calling Megyn Kelly -- of whom Mark is no big fan -- a "bimbo". I recall his clearly challenging Trump, "How would you feel if it was your wife who was called a bimbo." That was back when a good part of the "conservative" community was mindlessly, uncritically slobbering over Trump. Very few had the guts to speak about him that way. I might have never been prouder of Mark Levin than I was at that moment. And now, he acts scandalized because someone made a joke that the notoriously sleazy man now in the Oval Office is someone he wouldn't want around his daughters? It's really that incomprehensible to him? Disappointment doesn't come close to how this makes me feel toward my former favorite radio host.