On Kavanaugh: Guns Matter

Democrats in red states are being forced to choose between a pro-second amendment judge and angry leftists.

There is a large contingent of conservatives muttering overnight about Kavanaugh and Roe. A good number don't think he'll be much better than Kennedy on that issue and are only prevented from going off the ledge by Democrat screams about Kavanaugh and Roe. Some are already privately bitching that Kavanaugh's nomination sets back the pro-life cause, but they still recognize he'll be better than Kennedy on many issues. The wailing of the left is providing comfort for those on the right who are not reassured Kavanaugh is right enough.

But the relevant issue here is guns matter, and President Trump knows it. Kavanaugh authored an opinion in the second review of the Heller case at the appellate level, and both Clarence Thomas and Antonin Scalia embraced his reasoning.

Kavanaugh is an intellectual standard-bearer for the right to keep and bear arms.

There are now more handguns owned in the United States by private citizens than there are private citizens. The armory of the American people is larger than the armory of the American military. For the past year, a growing number of Democrats have become ever more vocal about curtailing gun rights. The Democrats have become more and more public about gun confiscation. A former Supreme Court Justice has called for the repeal of the Second Amendment. The California Supreme Court has declared that gun laws that are physically, literally impossible to comply with are still constitutional.

And Bill Nelson, Jon Tester, Heidi Heitkamp, Joe Donnelly, and Claire McCaskill are going to be asked to vote on whether Kavanaugh should or should not be on the United States Supreme Court.

Voting against Kavanaugh will be akin to voting for a rollback of the second amendment, and they'll have hell to pay from pro-gun voters in their states who are increasingly voting on guns as a single issue in response to the left's radicalism.

If they don't oppose him, they'll have hell to pay from the left.

Good luck with that, Democrats.

Can't we just nominate an AR-15 to the court?

The screeching opposition to Kavanaugh will be focused on ISSUES such as abortion or guns, and this effort to shift away from simple adherence to the law set forth in the Constitution is helped by "conservatives" who are equally confused.

I believe that Kavanaugh will rule on any case before him based on his honest and impartial opinion of its compliance with the Constitution or lack of compliance, period. Thinking he will vote on Roe because of a personal or religious belief on the right to life is an insult to him and just throws gasoline on the fire of Leftist outrage,

Possibly if the Court were to rule on a lower court ruling based on the 5th and/or 14th Amendments, the end result would be a SCOTUS ruling that says an unborn child has the same Constitutional rights as any other human being. But the Court can only rule on the correctness of a lower court ruling, and can't----if it complies with the actual role of the Court---just go off adding things or injecting new legal concepts.


Looking forward to seeing Claire McCaskill sent home; she's our senator who does nothing but hobnob with West coast elites and talk down to her constituents.

Kavanaugh interprets the Second Amendment exactly the way the Founding Fathers did: that it covers semi-automatic personal weapons, but not fully-automatic weapons; it covers personal sidearms and rifles, but not rocket launchers, bombs, tanks, or more recently, cannons.
Kavanaugh knows that the intent of the 2A was to protect people's right to have weekend toys they can play with. Jefferson and Washington, he would tell you, envisioned a nation where people prepped for doomsday by digging holes in their backyard and filling them with weapons that looked dangerous but would ultimately be useless in modern warfare.