Okay, Erick, I'm confused here. Your article re: Colton Habb that casts dispersion on him and seems to defend CNN--both without any substantial evidence--is locked to eliminate discussion on that topic. Just curious why? Are you jockeying for another gig with CNN and don't want reverb? I know, no evidence for that, either, but that's what happens when conversation is shut down for no apparent reason. Just me $.02

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Erick Erickson
Erick Erickson


Well, multiple people at CNN have confirmed that this is the chain of events. I know from my time there that this is how they operate. And I locked the comments because I didn't feel like dealing with the people who actually don't know how these things work explaining to me that I'm a leftwing hack for knowing how these things work. Honestly, if I could turn off the comments altogether on the site, I would.