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Oh my. I was looking for this article after I heard the story and landed on this site. My side hurts after reading this. I don't know how anyone believes Trump is about America First. The guy is erratic and can't hold a position or focus long enough to accomplish anything. Among many other examples, he praised Putin for months, congratulated him on a sham election and then shortly thereafter kicked the diplomats out of the U.S. and now he's talking sht to Putin. But I'm guessing he was warning Putin so Putin could get his assets out of Syria and did him a big favor. So Putin called Netanyahu to talk 'cause Netanyahu is a lot of things, but he's no Russian stooge like Trump. And Trump pretended he didn't see Putin's little speech and comical video where he aimed his new missiles right at Mar-a-Lago. Tillerson was right - Trump is a "fcking moron".

Ahhhh, insane one. Another extremist. Yee of little willingness to acknowledge anything. 23 federal judge appointments, tax cuts, red tape reduction, support the military, destroy ISIS, bring Korea to the table on nukes, bring China to the table on trade, move the embassy to Jerusalem, reduce illegal immigration ... shall I go on? I think what you meant to say is that you don't like him so you choose to ignore accomplishments and prefer to name calling and live in the perverse hope that you can destroy the presidency. Trump's not perfect; neither was Obama ... but liberals never want to give any credit or any forbearance to those that do not kowtow their ideological line. It's this level of extremism and irrational hate only that prevents Americans from having rational dialog any more.

"Can't hold a position or focus long enough to accomplish anything"...wait, seriously? I'm holding my side laughing because I've not seen a President accomplish so much under this kind of opposition. You might should say, "Good grief, he's accomplishing too much and I don't agree with tax cuts, lower unemployment, correcting trade deficits, appointing constitutionally grounded judges, taking a serious stand on protecting our borders, doing something about the sex trafficking, etc, etc. If you don't like the good things our President is doing, man up and admit it. But don't say he's doing nothing. It strains your credibility.

He hasn't destroyed ISIS. They've simply regrouped elsewhere, but even if he had (With 'his' military remember?) he's reckless in his ridiculous tweets threatening countries where American and allied troops are operating. He's ranted against Yemen..He knows doesn't he that there are 7000 plus US military personnel in Yemen and they're there by invitation, not by right?
Tax cuts? Mainly for whom? The rate that interest rates and gas prices are rising will more than offset any tax reduction for most tax payers-Unless of course you're a millionaire of course...
He hasn't brought China NK or anyone to the table about anything. China will simply move their goalposts to accommodate their interests and NK, well that's anyone's guess. The fat kid could obliterate SK in minutes just because he's having a bad hair day...Where there are also 1000s of US military personnel.

As for giving credit, that's a laugh. Trump goes out of his way to criticize, insult, denigrate anyone and everyone when he perceives that it takes the shine from him. He cannot accept that anyone actually knows things he couldn't begin to understand, because he's essentially gone through life having his ass wiped for him by those who do know things and he then takes the credit for their efforts. He knows very little about anything other than golf and he cheats at that on a regular basis, so much so that those who play with him no longer even comment to each other! LOL. Remember how he said he'd have no time for that and how Obama was regularly criticized for it, and it's looking like Trump will have played more golf in two years than Bush, Clinton and Obama combined in their total years in office!

His attitude to the presidency is it's simply an extension of his and his family's business, which means corruption, scams (University anyone?) they've enjoyed in the past, they see no issue with trying to continue now. Can you imagine if Obama had done the stuff Trump inc has done to now and the GOP sitting back saying nothing, or as they are doing, aiding and abetting the cover up? They'd be apoplectic (And rightly so) if he had...And wasn't it Flynn who was preaching about doing a tenth of what Clinton had done, and 'locking her up'? Well so far, we have quite a lot of former Trump allies helping the FBI with their enquiries and/or pleading guilty with Manafort facing even more prison time to what he's already pleaded guilty to...And all the time Trump throws them under the bus as long as he thinks he's Telfon...Not perfect? Far from it...He's a low life who has no sense of any kind of decency on any level.


I'll give him credit for the judges - its what any president would do - nothing exceptional. He didn't run all that much on tax cuts - that was the establishment bill that they hoped he would sign that left his working class supporters with crumbs. Most of the tax cuts(80%+ went to the top 1%-2% and they used the repatriated funds mostly for dividend pay-outs and stock buy-backs - only 15% invested in areas that will create high tech jobs and research jobs that the working class will never get or qualify for. S. Korea brought N. Korea to the table with private meetings that did not include the U.S. until they were done meeting. Immigration trend was already way down when he took office and National Guard will be weed-whacking along the fence and cleaning streets since they can't round up anyone - he actually thought they were part of the military that he could command. But I give him credit for trying to get tough on China for stealing intellectual property and technology but tariffs are not going to work -just ask the U.S. farmers and our allies who will be hurt most. I'm just dying to see one of those prototype walls actually get built and paid for by Mexico - his biggest con job sell of all. Yes, he cancelled DACA and now blames the Dems for no DACA. He pulled us out of the VOLUNTARY Climate Change Accord - just stupid, and cancelled TPP. If he manages to stay in office for his full first term, I'm betting he will have to get back into TPP (or something really close) because it was designed to ally with Asian companies to do exactly what he is trying to do alone - contain China and fix the stealing problem. That was stupid too. He's broken the ACA/Obamacare so bad his working class constituents are now going to see even bigger health care increases -red state hospitals in rural counties are closing up and there is a large spike in women seeking info on how to perform self-abortions - that's scary. Obamacare needs fixing since they never had a replacement plan for 6 years and 60+ tries at replacement and Trump didn't have a clue how hard it would be. ISIS will re-emerge in Syria once we leave so we get in there and we will be there for 20 years or more just like Afghanistan and Iraq but he ran on being an isolationist. What he meant by that, I guess, was what he campaigned on - only he could do it alone. That was hilarious. I think he's just a ridiculous con man whose so-called accomplishments folks won't bother to mention much in the mid-terms so they may get desperate enough to run on that stale old Nancy Pelosi or Hillary or Obama or anything but his "accomplishments". Of course, I could be wrong - LOL.


Sorry - I meant Asian countries not companies in last post

And don't get mad at liberals - conservatives are his harshest critics and liberals really don't have to say anything at all because conservatives do a bang up job - both on and off the record. Trump didn't start the big partisan divide in the country. It was Newt Gingrich back in the 90's when he was Speaker and declared that the Dems were "the enemy" and forbade Repubicans from having lunch and socializing with Dems - biggest mistake in modern political history. Then we got folks like Tom Delay and Grover Norquist who extracted all kind of crazy. The GOP wanted power so badly the co-opted white racists and nationalists and Trump knew exactly how to play on their resentments. It's a classic case-study in manipulation and scape-goating. We are in a phase where we will see if we will make it as the longest running experiment in a multi-racial democracy. It's anybody's guess if we will survive this.


Corker is right to admit this. No big financial crisis to cure, economy grown for longest stretch in modern history and a stock market rise the second longest in history. The GOP always inherits good stuff and trends and then they blow it up with unnecessary debts and deficits that they fight hard against only when Dems are in power. Trump signed it and was proud and now they are scared of what they have done. A


I could barely get it out and then this was announced today.
He's just incompetent and was so angry at Obama over some White House Correspondent jokes he just couldn't contain his rage when all he needed was a just a little sense of humor.