Not Kidding

I should probably get help from a Nigerian email scammer, but I'll just go for blunt honesty.

I ask because I have to ask. I hate to ask, but must. We need your help. Our expenditures still exceed our revenue. We continue to see the gap close between them and we expect to stabilize by September. Until then, we absolutely are reliant on our readers.

So if you can help us, please help us. I cannot thank you enough for your generosity. I feel bad for having to ask, even knowing it comes with the territory. But there you have it, we must ask. I should probably get a Nigerian email scammer to help me with better asks, but I prefer blunt honesty.

maybe Cohen can arrange a discreet payment


Seems like Capitalism running its course to me. Oh that's right. I forgot in America we have socialism for the losses of companies and capitalism for poor people.

Or perhaps the Injustice Department can violate his Constitutional rights.

If no crime was committed there would be no reason to be scared of anything. Trump and his mob cronies are always afraid of the law. Why is that?