North Carolina Democrats Excited About Their New Racial Filter Voting Tool

Their new website lets you filter out candidates of a particular race.

This really says a lot about the present political environment. The communications director of the North Carolina Democratic Party is bragging about a new website that lets you filter candidates by race. So if you only want to see white candidates to support, you can do that. Of course, the North Carolina Democrats are taking the reverse approach -- you can filter all the white candidates and sort to see just the black candidates.

But to do either is both absurd and wrong. This not only fosters more tribalism, but also more racism. We should be a color blind society, but the Democrats continue to weaponize race to further divide people.

If any Republican Party at the state level offered a tool to filter out candidates by race, the national media would be exploding in outrage. They should over this as well. Neither party should be dividing people up by skin color.

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Again I repeat... to be a Democrat is to be a hypocrite.

Still Jules
Still Jules

....and new pieces of the Democrat mask keep falling away, showing us the rot and racism underneath.

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