No the School Walk Outs Were Not "Organic." That's a Talking Point.

The left wants you to believe the school walkouts were organic. I got to go on CNN-HLN earlier to show it isn't so.

I was HLN earlier today to discuss the walkouts from schools over gun violence. The President of the National Education Association seemed really excited that kids were bailing on school for liberal activism. She kept saying the protests were organic. But they were not. CNN-HLN had just run a story that the Women's March organizers were helping coordinate and organize the protests.

Credit to CNN, they let me point that out even if the NEA President didn't agree. Also, credit to Carol Costello for facilitating a civil conversation on this issue. This is an abridged version just so you can get a sense of the "organic" talking point that is not an actual fact.

If it had been a walkout AND prayer it would have been acceptable.

Useful idiots to the cause. They are about as mature as 2 year olds having a tantrum. And act exactly that way. “If you don’t do something that I want, you will pay at the ballot box”.

Translated: if you don’t give me any ice cream now, I will hold my breath, stomp my feet and scream until I pass out. And you’ll really be sorry!”

They obviously were taught early on to scream “social services” to get their way.

Grow up and experience life before telling me what I
Must do or threatening me with your nonsense if I don’t.

Don't be surprised to see kids walk out of school if they're given the option to. Also don't be surprised when you see them walking out "for liberal activism" and then going home to play Call of Duty instead of protesting gun control. I know which one I did when my school had a walk-out back in 2012.

Many of the students have been indoctrinated not educated. It is the gun free zone and not having armed

Many of the students have been indoctrinated not educated.. Broward County Sheriffs Office are responsible for most of the carnage because of inaction. Gun laws will do nothing to stop stop the stabbing that happened in West Palm Beach, or the bombing attempt in a St. George, Utah high school.