No Taxes For Hush Money

Conservative leaders call on Congress to end the taxpayer funding of hush money.

This is a worthwhile cause all conservatives should support. The Conservative Action Project, which serves almost as a workgroup of all the major conservative groups in Washington, has released a memo calling on Congress to abandon the taxpayer funded hush money that pays victims of congressional sexual harassment, etc.

One effort to ensure that Congress addresses this issue effectively is H.R. 4494, the Congressional Accountability and Hush Fund Elimination Act, introduced by Rep. Ron DeSantis (R-FL). It has already garnered nearly 100 cosponsors (74 Republicans and 25 Democrats). The conservative movement should conduct a grassroots campaign among our organizations’ supporters to put pressure on their Members of Congress to take an active role in ensuring that the problem and the legislation that seeks to address it are given prompt consideration and passage.

The memo goes on to note that if conservatives in congress cannot be trusted on this issue, voters will look to others because this issue demands trust. The memo is signed by a who's who list of conservatives in D.C. and is worth supporting. The legislation, as noted above, is H.R. 4494 and I would urge you to call your member of congress to urge its passage.

My question is how did this ever get to be authorized in the first place. WE NEVER gave Congress the authority or permission to use OUR money for this. Therefore it is stolen and must all be returned to US and the culprits put in prison for grand larceny.

Although I think there should be some kind of protection of our leaders against ludicrous claims, I think the believable ones should be settled with their personal funds.

The idea of killing the use of hush money is great. But we have to do something about false charges. Roll this law back a few years and apply it to a congressman who now has a high place in the Trump administration. The people would be fools for trying it, but the charge could still be made. How does one handle accusations that can't be proven either way?

I agree with this. Should be able to find bipartisan support for this I'd hope.

How about if they buy their own insurance out if their pocket. No company would ever pay hush money for an employee.