No, I Don't Believe In The Equality You Describe

Men and women should be equal before the law, in job opportunities. and in the eyes of God. But not in each other's eyes

Before I get to the heart of this post, let me address something about which I have been complicit, though it was not my…

In Washington, as elsewhere, there are lots of people willing to sleep with others to get ahead and there is as aggressive a rumor mill about that as there are aggressive people. Mike Pence, out of respect for his wife, refuses to be put in situations that might add him, inappropriately to a rumor mill, thereby potentially bringing shame or embarrassment to his wife. You can fault Pence all you want, but I would note that several of the people I have seen blasting him for this rule have, in fact, participated in the "who is sleeping with whom" gossip of Washington. In an age where false accusations can destroy a career before a retraction is made and media machines live on clickbait rumor mills, it is a very wise rule. It does not exist because Pence cannot control himself. But its existence does prevent the Weinstein situations of the world.