Never Let a Crisis Go to Waste. Create a Crisis If You Have To.

This whole thing is going off the rails. Hopefully ​the Democrats will again overplay their hand as they often do.

There's got to be a better way than what the President is doing. There's got to be. He's unified the Democrats and terribly divided the GOP -- a greater division than on other recent issues. This border situation is like a keystone cop version of Rahm Emanuel never wanting to let a crisis go to waste. The staff can't get on the same page. The Homeland Security Secretary and Attorney General are contradicting each other. The shadow chief of staff is on national television "whomp whomping" a child with Down Syndrome being taken by the feds. Yes, I realize the Democrats are using a Down Syndrome child they don't think should even be alive as a political prop. But the GOP is making it easy for them.

If the President and Stephen Miller want to create a crisis and then not waste it, they need to do some better advance work to get all the White House staff on the same page. They have yet to muster a serious defense and Republicans in Congress are clamoring for a fix.

The only way this turns for the GOP is if congressional Republicans offer a clean fix to keep families together and the Democrats reject that. Then suddenly this is on the Democrats. Get on it.

No, the Flores settlement is still in effect, so this forces a reversion back to exactly what happened under Obama, Bush II, Clinton, and most of Bush I.

The logistics of zero tolerance and keeping families together; either with asylum seekers at ports of entry, which is actually down 70% due to staff reductions, or with illegal crossings, will require residential camps for families, and either deport within 20 days, or release on the 21st, or break the Flores settlement.

This is a continued farce of planning and strategy.

In addition a federal judge ruled...
"In his opinion, the Judge Dana Sabraw said "at a minimum, the facts alleged are sufficient to show the government conduct at issue 'shocks the conscience' and violates Plaintiffs' constitutional right to family integrity. Accordingly, Defendants' motion to dismiss Plaintiffs' due process claim is denied."

So the policy was going to be bounced on legal grounds anyway, so this is also to avoid another black eye in the courts. Judge Sabraw was appointed by President George W. Bush.


Skeletor really went off on Lewandowski about that "womp womp" - unusual display of self-righteousness, even for a lefty


Stop calling them babies they are not babies! They are 1-3 month old fetuses. Just because something might develop into a baby does not make it a baby


"Yes, I realize the Democrats are using a Down Syndrome child they don't think should even be alive as a political prop."

Re-read your article, Erick Erickson, your own condemnation of the current status of the "Grand Ole Party," and then ponder your own twisted logic. Are you kidding me . . . "a Down Syndrome child they don't think should even be alive?"

I am so damned grateful that I do not view the world through your eyes, for that must surely prove a dark, dark place indeed.


We've elected a nut case for a President, that even The Resurgent is now cuddling up to, and you wonder why everything has run off the rails. I do not agree with extreme liberals, but we've brought the level of insanity upon ourselves by allowing a true Reactionary, Apolitical, Immoral, Convictionless grifter feed his followers like a Joe Pyne feeding frenzy loose upon this country.