NBC News Should Discipline Leigh Ann Caldwell

Her tweets about Kennedy steering the Kavanaugh process go beyond making a mistake.

Leigh Ann Caldwell is the Capitol Hill correspondent for NBC News. I do not think she should lose her job for what she did. But I do think NBC News should discipline her for behaving like a gossip columnist instead of a real reporter.

Yesterday, Caldwell rather salaciously tweeted that Anthony Kennedy had been negotiating for a few months with Donald Trump about his retirement and basically demanded Brett Kavanaugh in exchange for his retirement. She went on to tweet "the decision has been baked for a while." But, in a third tweet, Caldwell then declared "To be clear: This is from one source and dont have any info on whether potus talked to kennedy about a possible replacement."

So, in other words, Caldwell is passing on single source gossip. But to think that, as a reporter, she thought it plausible enough to be credible enough to pass on to the general public.

Being a reporter should mean something beyond passing on single sourced gossip most likely from a Democrat, particularly when so many single sources in Washington these days seem to exist to put the President in the worst possible light. Dozens and dozens of reporters from CNN to the New York Times to NBC have been burned in the past year by single sources pushing Resistance Fan Fiction. More over, with the country teetering on the brink of violence because of political differences, reporters owe their profession and the public a heightened sense of measure and responsibility.

It was completely irresponsible for a reporter to smear Anthony Kennedy in that way with a story that anyone with more than a basic understanding of the Supreme Court and Kennedy would know had to be horse manure.

Caldwell should be disciplined. What makes the situation even more infuriating is that NBC will probably, yet again, turn a blind eye to their reporters behaving so unprofessionally. But Caldwell now casts her other reporting as suspect and undermines the credibility of so many very good and professional journalists at NBC who would have never done what she did.

Mistakes happen to be sure. But tweeting out single sourced salacious gossip like this goes beyond a mistake.

Is it more than just a coincidence that nearly every controversial 'revelation' broadcast by a liberal/Progressive/Democrat contains a 'source'?

Cute. Isn't it hard to write about a reporter's personal tweets when the president and his staff tweet lies and unsourced hearsay from official accounts daily? Or not so much anymore?


No. Both are wrong. Or, is it ok for this reporter “BECAUSE TRUMP?”

"He's in your TV set
Won't give it a rest
That soul betraying so and so
The devil's radio
Gossip, gossip."--George Harrison

It's always "Because......Trump"

This woman was the Capitol Hill correspondent for NBC News. She wasn't just some blog troll conspiracy theorist. Her job was to report what actually happened, and to vet her sources. A second or third hand gossip column smear should never have passed the smell test, but clearly she, and NBC, don't think a smell test is necessary.

The alphabet news organizations have a habit of doing stuff like this, and when they get caught it they either make outrageous comments like "fake but accurate" or their trolls play whaddabout and start in with what some other person did some other time.

This was her job. She not only did not do her job properly, she used her position to malign and denigrate a good man who is highly qualified for his position, because that kind of vitriol is part of her political identity. All's fair, etc. and to the Left this IS war. The thing is, this is the kind of dishonesty and abuse of the power of the press we have come to expect from NBC and MSNBC.

Just as CBS became See BS, NBC is becoming Nothing But Crap.