NBC News Makes Three Failed Attacks on Brett Kavanaugh. Total Bias Against Him.

NBC News has consistently run false stories attacking Kavanaugh.

Story 1: NBC News decided to interview the Avenatti client. They gave her exposure to tell her story and had to note that she changed it from last week, one of her witnesses has no idea who she is, and others are conveniently dead. In other words, her story has changed in material ways from Kavanaugh drugging women to him standing by a punch bowl, she has no witnesses, and there is zero reason to give her credibility, but they ran it anyway.

Story 2: Let's not forget last week they ran a story of a new accuser accusing Kavanaugh of things anonymously. But the letter was anonymous, the allegations were anonymous, and even NBC admitted the Democrats leaked it to them.

Story 3: This is the big one. They claim Kavanaugh lied and knew about the Ramirez allegations. But they do so based on second hand tweets. They also leave out key portions of Kavanaugh's testimony to the Senate in which he both acknowledged he knew something was coming and also that he did not know what it was. More importantly, the New Yorker quoted Kavanaugh, which means they had to tell him about the story.

NBC has now three times given false accusations elevated news priority and maliciously, falsely distorted what Kavanaugh actually said. You should read this thread on Twitter that picks it apart completely.


Although Trump and Kavanaugh certainly have very different moral backgrounds, the attacks on them are strikingly similar:

  1. Many attacks are based on anonymous accusations. Others rely on the claims of a single uncorroborated accuser.

  2. Many accusations are completely outrageous (Trump’s Russian Dossier, Kavanaugh instigated gang rapes).

  3. Trump’s history of illicit affairs proves a porn star’s allegations, Kavanaugh’s drinking beer in high school proves he raped Dr. Ford.

  4. Trump and Kavanaugh are both victims of repetitive false reporting (fake news stories).

  5. Both Trump and Kavanaugh are accused of being unfit for office because of their aggressive claims of innocence.

  6. Both Trump and Kavanaugh face threats of impeachment should the Democrats regain power.

  7. Democrats want unending investigations of both Trump and Kavanaugh.

  8. Jeff Flake doesn’t feel comfortable being part of the Republican party anymore because of Trump and Kavanaugh.