Mueller? Trump is Just Getting Started, From a Certain Perspective

This is Trump's true legacy. Will he fire Mueller? You bet he will.

A recurring, if pathological, theme in Donald Trump's life has been one of overcoming impossible odds to achieve public victory. Combine that with an insatiable need to be the center of attention and hog every bit of the media's spotlight, and you can easily see how the president has arrived to this spot.

Jonah Goldberg pines for "The Good Old Days" of Trump's presidency, claiming "[this] is as good as it gets." As Obi Wan told Luke Skywalker, that's true, from a certain perspective. But from another perspective, this is only the beginning.

That perspective would be the president himself's, shared with his core followers, those who root for him against all odds, and the greater the odds, the harder they root. Trump soaks this up like a Sith lord feeds on anger. He feeds on the hate of those who despise him most, and uses that energy to fire up his base to do--darn well whatever he tells them.

This brings us to the current question of whether Trump will now fire special counsel Robert Mueller. I believe, yes, yes he will. And he's just getting started.

Goldberg's colleague at National Review, Kyle Smith, wrote of the GOP's "coming shellacking." Many other pundits, including Erick Erickson, this site's owner, agree that the signs are all pointing to a Republican rout in 2018. And Trump is just fine with that, because it sets up the next act in his ongoing reality show.

If you remember, during the campaign, I compared Trump to a producer making a Rocky movie, with Trump himself as Rocky. He succeeded in this, beating the odds when it seemed completely impossible for him to win against Hillary Clinton. Now, from the perspective of her loss, we see exactly how bad a candidate she was, but Trump is willing to give her way more credit than she deserves, if it makes his victory all the more glorious.

This is the same pattern we will see with the deposed cast of characters at the defunct Trump Justice League: Comey, McCabe, and soon, Mueller, will coalesce opposition and build to a climax, segueing into Trump's dream TV. We will see the unparalleled spectacle of the president's impeachment hearings, live and 24/7. Of course, Trump will speak, tweet, and personally humiliate both friend and foe.

Then, when it seems like all is lost, Trump will win and be exonerated. Maybe Vladimir Putin himself will testify. The ratings will go through the roof, surpassing even the Super Bowl and the Oscars (both of which are flagging in the bright light of Trump's media war). This is Trump's true legacy. Yes, he cares about trade wars, and taxes, and people not dying in the streets. He cares about students not being killed at schools. He cares about soldiers fighting endless wars 10,000 miles away. He really does care--from a certain perspective.

But what Trump really cares about is Making America Great Again through great, compelling television, in which one Donald J. Trump is the star, the hero, and the mythical demigod who overcomes impossible odds to achieve glorious victory.

We saw Act I in the campaign. This first year was Act II. And now that Trump is firmly established in his office, we'll see that he's just getting started.

I find it very unlikely that Trump will prevail in the end.

His 2016 campaign was the end result of several unlikely events happening concurrently (he scraped through the GOP primary and then the general election despite the facts a majority of voters favored someone else in both cases). And his current tactics all but ensure he will never get the benefit of the doubt or credit for anything, although e.g. the economy is in good shape.

There's one problem. It's not going to work. There is only one difference between Trump and Hilary. Hilary's life time of scumbaggery caught up with her. It hasn't caught up to him yet. But it will.

I swear you never Trumpsters are still butt hurt, and can never take a break. What do you do every morning when you get up and look at that stupid reflection in the mirror.

Mueller has been a great disappointment to me and many others. With all the hype before and immediately after he was appointed SP to investigate possible collusion between Trump and Russian officials to rig the election results, I had hopes he would conduct a "clean", professional and efficient investigation and present any evidence quickly, if there was evidence. To date there has been zero evidence that Trump colluded with any Russian regarding the election and the cost is soaring with not end in sight. Perhaps that is the norm for government; certainly not for a profitable business!

He should be asking Rod Rosenstein why he appointed Mueller, in the first place, since the law about the special counsel includes a requirement that there has to be a crime that had been committed, first, to have appointed one. I think the current political climate between the neverer crowd, the Democrats and everyone else, makes this fact get forgotten, or just inconvenient. There are a lot of politicians who seem to have forgotten this, also. The term "Witch hunt" is appropriate unless there was a crime that caused this entire investigation. People who can't see this are the ones allowing this problem to linger, all because of political convenience. Politically, Trump should not fire Mueller because of the threat of impeachment, alone, but Mueller should be forced to quit this investigation by possibly the Supreme Court deciding it, or Congress acting on their own requirements for the Special Counsel. I can't see this any other way than this all being just political fodder for people to get all riled up about, concerning Trump, when it should be over the Special Counsel law that is getting bastardized. If anyone can't figure out how all this got started, they might visit a psychiatrist, soon. This is only a political impeachment waiting for a crime to be created as justification. That's putting the cart before the horse.