Moving On

After five years at Fox, I will leave January 26th. It is time, though I have no idea what comes next and am praying.

I noted it on social media, but haven't written about it here. After five years, I'll be leaving Fox News at the end of…

The idea of moving on now meets with the reality of moving on so there's some slight panic and nervousness. It is half of my family's income and is needed. But I also, if I am being honest, was largely being paid without working. I am a firm believer that if one is to be paid there should be work, but it has been harder and harder to put me in the appropriate contributor box. I am neither anti-Trump nor pro-Trump, but a conservative who does not think he is, but thinks he is advancing some things commendably. All news shows on all networks tend to favor a straight R v. D panel and I'm not in those boxes anymore.