More of This Please

The left is embracing progressivism in the Age of Donald Trump and I hope it is a trend they support. Unfortunately.

I suspect they will not allow conservatives the same and, as we have seen with state level RFRA laws, etc. they will use Fortune 500 companies to bully and harass conservative states into bending their way.

Nonetheless, it is encouraging that liberals are suddenly rediscovering what the founders intended all along.

The states should be allowed different laws and rules on abortion. If a city wants to be a sanctuary city, let them. I don’t have to visit it. If a state does not want gay marriage, let them. You don’t have to visit.

Federalism is the cure to what ails us, but it requires a degree of respect lacking in American politics. It requires a degree of respect that necessitates each side deciding they may not like it, but they are not going to build pressure or boycott to stop it. The left, however, does not seem to be able to help itself on that point. They want sanctuary cities in their states, but you bigots still better bake cakes or else.

We need more federalism and a respect for each other’s disagreements without threats and boycotts.