More Awful Revelations & Eric Greitens Could Cost the GOP the Senate

Greitens is a sociopath who needs to go because of his criminal behavior. But he may also cost the GOP the Senate.

Eric Greitens is a sociopath who needs to be thrown out of office for his monstrous, criminal behavior. But some Republicans seem to want to stand by their man. They have a new reason, however, to toss Greitens. He may cost the GOP the Senate.

Claire McCaskill is often rated the most vulnerable Democrat, but she is being helped by Eric Greitens, the Missouri Governor, who refuses to resign over monstrous behavior. Greitens has been charged with felonies and the Missouri legislature is considering impeaching him. Every day he stays is a day McCaskill can tie the GOP to him in Missouri. The GOP has a real shot at taking that seat to offset an expected loss in Nevada. But Greitens is weighing down the GOP there.

The latest revelations are horrific.

There's also been a closed door meeting of the Missouri legislative committee looking at impeachment. It turns out a woman claiming abusive treatment by Greitens is different from the woman in photos Greitens took.

And Greitens' attorney demeaned the woman claiming the woman's husband called her "a whore." He said that after the woman noted Greitens had called her that.

This is unacceptable. Greitens needs to go not because he is going to cost the GOP the Senate, but because he is a sociopathic monster. But for Republicans fine with that, are they fine with losing the Senate? They have multiple reasons to toss the guy ASAP.

Greitens and Trump are cut from the same cloth. The Republicans will always defend Trump no matter what he says or does. Therefore they will probably defend Greitens too. The Republican party has become as corrupt as the Democrat party. I do not see any difference between the two and I refuse to vote for either party.

@etbass With regards to science I find it appalling that AZ is removing the work evolution from school texts. As someone that has worked for tech companies I cannot reconcile what Pai keeps saying about net neutrality with the reality I have worked in for years. And that's before we event talk about "making coal great again".


@etbass The depth of the Republican embrace of science extends no further than "could this thing be a life?". And that's the freaking problem. Science when it's convenient, ignore it when it's inconvenient. What's incredible is that we as a party insist that the rest of the world embrace what most of the world does not agree on(when life actually begins/the morality of abortion) and yet we treat majority opinions(climate science, the value of renewable energy) as minority opinions and do everything we can to discredit it. We can't have it both ways.

And yes, taking evolution out of textbooks is tantamount to laughing in the face of science. Evolution doesn't disprove the existence of god, it only proves there is a system (which he may have in fact provided ) for life to evolve. We can't keep being this stupid.

Don't even get me started on how stupid it was to kill net neutrality. Only an idiot who had no concept of what it was supposed to do would kill something that benefited every single person who uses the internet vs. a handful of CEOs. Anyone who was for killing net neutrality is either one of those CEOs, being paid off by one of those CEOs or someone who believed a lie those CEOs were spouting in an attempt to make even more money and offer even worse service to you, the rube. Not a single scientist responsible for the creation of the internet thought it was anything but a horrendously bad idea to kill net neutrality. But hey, why listen to the actual experts?


I didn't want to even get into the net neutrality issue because of how the right has swallowed those lies they have been told. I'm glad you guys pointed it out though.

Looks like trump 2.0 and this is a suprise? To bad no one warned us about what was coming?