Means, Ends, Delta, and Nuns

The ends do not justify the means and government cronyism is bad from both parties.

It was wrong when the Obama Administration shook down nuns and Christian small businesses on behalf of the abortion industry.

It was wrong when the Obama Administration was shaking down banks.

And it is wrong to see states targeting Christian small businessmen demanding they bake cakes for same-sex weddings.

It is also wrong for the government to punish a private business for not wanting to do business with the National Rifle Association. I think we risk a dangerous game when we get into "ends justify the means" politics. If we, as conservatives, behave like the left, we become like the left. We lose the ability to persuade others that our way is better.

Now, do not read this as advocacy for Delta to get its $40 million in tax breaks. It should not. But it has nothing to do with the NRA. Delta should not get that tax break because it is a cronyist tax scheme of the government picking winners and losers.

Conservatives should oppose government shakedowns and we should oppose the government picking winners and losers through handing out and refraining from handing out tax breaks.

What does this article have to do with nuns or Delta (Airlines, I'm assuming)? I find that female (religious or secular) theologians in the Catholic Church play fast and loose with the moral concept that the ends never justify the means, a cornerstone of Catholic Moral Theology. Just at Catholic Social Teaching. According to it, the ends for the society justify almost any means to get there.

Conservatives: The party of low taxes unless you don't support the NRA.

Gorsuch justified the means

What does this even mean(s) lol? Nuns are awesome!

Well said.

Well said!!!!!

Dicks sporting goods will have trouble soon enough when a twenty year old takes them to court for age discrimination.

Well, that's the argument, right? I say no, that short term gain (and in the long view of the US Republic, any one member of the supreme court is short view) does not justify that long term dissolution of constitutional government.

What does this mean? Give an example?