Maybe Liberals Should Pull Up Hollywood Stars Instead of Tearing Down Statues

Instead of tearing down statues to founding fathers and Confederate​ generals, perhaps the left should spend some time digging up the Hollywood Walk of Fame and other monuments to celebrity.

Just a thought here, but it seems to me that maybe the morally preening left needs to pause with their efforts to tear down statues to the founding fathers and confederate soldiers. They have a whole walkway out in Los Angeles with stars in the ground, cemented hands, etc. that probably needs to be dug up.

They can leave the rest of us alone for a while and clean up their own house and own monuments.

@MittenTom HAHAHA. It's the little things.

Erick Erickson, you cite Hefner as an example.

How many slaves did he own, and how many soldiers fighting to preserve the United States were killed by his troops again?

@mlindroos I think Erick's point is that those with logs in their eyes shouldn't focus on the specks in otbers' eyes. If the radical progressive leftists start protesting for some stars on the Walk of Fame to be removed because the honoree is a sex offender, then their protests over Confederate statues will be taken more seriously. Personally, honoring the vanquished with statues doesn't make much sense, and moving them from places of prominence is a proper compromise.

Maybe you should look more into some of the allegations that have been brought against Heffner. For example, while not the chattel slavery of the antebellum South, what's described here seems quite akin to slavery to me:

"Madison, as well as other former girlfriends of Hefner's such as Clara Howe and Izabella St James, also reported how everything they did was controlled when living in the mansion. According to Madison's book, and one penned by St James called Bunny Tales, any girlfriend living on the property had a 9 PM curfew, had to ask permission to go anywhere without Hefner, was unable to bring guests home, and was required to have unprotected group sex with Hefner twice a week."
Source: https://www.vice.com/en_nz/article/bjvyvw/dont-mourn-for-hugh-hefner

Hefner did more damage to society than any Confederate general — not even close.