Matt McCall, Supposed Conservative, is Attacking Ted Cruz Now

A candidate is so upset that Ted Cruz is backing a different conservative, he's using the Democrats' playbook.

Poor Matt McCall, the guy is somewhat desperate. He has run for congress unsuccessfully several times and this is his best chance. The seat he has run for several times is open now. The Republican incumbent is retiring. He had to assume all those prior times running would mean this was his to win. Except it looks like he might lose again.

He tweeted it out to attack his opponent, Chip Roy, who is being supported across the nation by conservative grassroots activists, including those here at The Resurgent. But it winds up attacking Ted Cruz. McCall depicts the Senator as a Washington insider standing against the people of Texas. That's the way Rob Bob Beto O'Rourke portrays Cruz too.

I realize McCall is bitter about Ted Cruz backing Chip. He thought he was the conservative to back. But I know he'll be glad to see Chip Roy representing him in Congress. Chip is a great conservative backed by grassroots conservatives and major conservative groups. Why? Because we all know Chip. Chip was constantly the guy in the room pushing the GOP right. He'll be that guy in Washington, willing to lead conservatives to the right and man the ramparts when others go soft. We need Chip Roy in Congress. And deep down Matt McCall probably knows it too.

Ted Cruz is a Washington insider. He betrayed fiscal conservatives by voting to blow up the deficit with tax cuts. Failed to move on any fiscal restraint. And only paid lip service to blocking the trillion dollar spending bill.

Beyond that he supports building a wall that will require taking land from thousands of Texas residents while also cutting off many ranches from their source of water.

Ted Cruz is not a conservative icon. If you want someone who will stand by his convictions look at Rand Paul. At least he will filibuster bills he opposes, demand accountability from leadership, and not use eminent domain to steal people’s land to build a useless wall in the desert.


Rafael Cruz is not a conservative. you can say it over an over, and try to make him a super hero but its his votes that count. Like voting for yuge deficit spending. I know he only did it because it was an election year but don't the people in his district deserve an "every year" conservative?

Soooo......the measure of conservatism is to vote against tax-cuts and against a wall to ensure border security. Huh????? It is so easy to identify trolls on here. They try to attack from the right but use the language of the left. They are here to sow discord. Ignore them.

You might want to read what you write before you post. The measure of a conservative is to vote AGAINST spending hikes. Remember when Paul Ryan got elected and said the deficit was our greatest concern? He created the bill to blow up the deficit. Two examples of not being conservative. At least the trolls have their facts straight

First of all anyone that is calling Ted Cruz Rafael is a most assuredly a democrat. The tax cuts have been a god send out here in Texas so stop the pandering of a false narrative. Ted Cruz is trying to make those cuts PERMANENT so lets get that straight right now. He also voted NAY to that god awful democratic omnibus spending bill that funded sanctuary cities and PPH now that is a true conservative.


Anyone who doubts Ted Cruz's conservative credentials don't know what they're talking about. The establishment GOP hates Cruz; the Democrats hate Cruz, as well. Ted had to make some pretty tough calls as Senator. I'll stand by his integrity, as do many like Mike Lee, Mark Levin and others. No one's perfect, but Ted would've made a much better President than the one we have now!


He does exactly what I want. You don’t have a say troll.

You are not a conservative so you do not get to define what a conservative is or does. Shoo troll, shoo.

That's just ludicrous. If Cruz is a Washington insider, there isn't anyone that isn't and there never will be. Cruz was wrong on the spending bill. However, there isn't anyone in D.C. that doesn't have a sin that's been there any length of time.

Paul backed McConnell, the #1 political problem in America, over Matt Bevin. Lee supports government paid parental leave. Everyone has their sin. If we are going to toss Cruz, then we have to toss Lee and Paul. Then we might was well throw our chips down and head to the house because it's all over.

Cruz has proven he is willing to stick a finger in the eye of GOP leadership. He's taken stands that brought him a lot of heat and comparisons to Satan and hobbits from his own party leadership. 90% of the GOP is all about conservative gum flapping, but they don't do anything that isn't blessed by their fat cat donors. Cruz is one of the rare ones that will.


The point is, the day after the primary, there was a radio ad mocking O'Rourke having the temerity to call himself "Beto". Him having a Latino nickname in Texas is no more ridiculous than a guy named Rafael calling himself "Ted". Please let's stick to the issues. On those, Cruz will win hands down.


I really must drill down the finer points of your argument by pointing out that 1) "Beto" is not a Hispanic person and what he has done is the equivalent of appropriating another culture for political gain; 2) Cruz's whole name is "Rafael Edward" and Ted used to be a popular nickname for men named Edward. Nothing tricky or nefarious there....oh wait....Senator Edward "Ted" Kennedy.

Right! By calling him Rafael the leftist trolls are simply pointing out that he is, ewww, Hispanic! So they once again show that they are the bigots.