Madness and Alfie

A boy must die lest people be reminded they can do better.

By the time you read this, Alfie Evans may be dead. Evans is a toddler with a rare disorder that has required him to have a prolonged hospital stay. His disorder is little understood and instead of trying to understand it, doctors decided it would be best to remove Alfie from ventilation and let him die.

Alfie’s parents protested as they had not explored all treatment options. But the British state has largely decided that parents are only permitted to raise children so long as the parents raise them as the government sees fit. A court determined it was in Alfie’s best interests to die. Left unsaid, the judge is a secular activist of leftwing causes and the parents are lower middle class devout Catholics. One must wonder just how much the judge’s own bigotry played in the decision.

Because the United Kingdom has decided Alfie really belongs to the state, the state can kill him. A doctor assured the courts that within five minutes of removing Alfie’s ventilation, the child would die. Seventy-two hours later, Alfie still fought for his life. Naturally, the courts stepped in and ordered him starved to death. To let Alfie survive would be to admit the British social healthcare system had failed. Alfie must die for the good of the bureaucratic conscience. Alfie and his parents must know their place.

The Vatican and the Italian government stepped in. They offered to ferry Alfie off to Italy for treatment at their expense. But still the British government determined Alfie should die. It would be a damning indictment of Britain if Italians saved a child the British couldn’t. So Alfie must die. But not only must Alfie die, the British police threatened to arrest anyone who made a stink about it on social media.

This is what happens when a society replaces God with government. Parents must understand that they only raise children by virtue of the government letting them.

This wickedness will come here. Already, in California, the state is hell bent on forcing children into the latest religious craze, transgenderism. Local school districts have determined that though parents may opt their children out of sex education classes, parents are not allowed to opt their children out of indoctrination classes on homosexuality and transgenderism.

Now the California legislature is going after homeschool families. Because families are pulling their children out of California’s failing schools, the state is considering legislation that would set curriculum standards for homeschoolers so no child can escape sexual indoctrination.

One need only go back to 2012 to be reminded the Democrats opened their national political convention by booing the inclusion of God in their party platform then declaring that the state is the only thing we all belong to. Cecile Richards, the President of Planned Parenthood, just went on record saying when life begins varies per pregnancy.

For years, the left has told us all that Christians are anti-science bigots. But now they would have you believe life begins when they say so, boys can become girls at will, and children must die to ensure faith in their created systems. Creation now thinks it is the creator and must both crowd out all thought of the actual Creator and all discussions of the rules of science that run contrary to their beliefs.

None of this is really new. Thousands of years ago, ancient pagan civilizations sacrificed children to ensure good harvests. Now the pagans sacrifice children to ensure a good environment. Thousands of years ago, the pagans believed children could and should be sacrificed to ensure the well being and integrity of the state. Alfie Evans will be sacrificed by England’s pagan government for the very same reason.

A madness is burning through western civilization. The secular philosophy of the day contradicts itself while indicting dissidents. We must all guard our children from it that they might rebuild civilization after the secularists have done their best to destroy it. The great silver lining in the collapse of the West is that people of faith are still producing large families while the secularists are either aborting or not having children at all.

No. 1-21

Such a beautiful little boy; how could anyone sentence him to death. The problem is that nations of the world have forsaken God. That same problem has been brought to the forefront in our own nation. The founders of this nation had a different understanding of what our nation was at that time. Their statement in the preamble to the Constitution and language of the Constitution reveal the deep faith of those founders. But as time marched on, "we the people of the United States of America" deported God and replaced him with a bureaucratic government. We can thank the Democrats/Progressives for leading the way; but we must shoulder the blame ourselves. We are guilty of demanding a government that will relieve us of any responsibility we should claim as our own. We elect leaders who show no respect for the Constitution that was ratified, nor for the Christian faith and those who belong. We ignore the legal attack on Christians and their freedom. We remain passive and sheltered in the pews of our sanctuary influenced by the misguided belief Christians are not supposed to be involved in politics! Many who claim to be Christian have redefined what that means in order to satisfy their own passions that are condemned by scripture. We have become what God saw and is described in Genesis 6:5.


So, sadly, Alfie has died. The headline on Reuters reads, "British toddler dies after life support turned off." This is how the media support the totalitarian state. The headline should read: "Medically fragile British toddler dies after his government doctors refused properly to wean him off of his ventilator and refused him nutritional support, while he continued to breathe independently for over 100 hours." Withholding food from ANY child for over 4 days, much less a medically fragile child, constitutes criminal neglect -- in any morally sane country.


MittenTom, I think you're overstating it to say that government mandates the despair. Alfie's condition is not government mandated. But you make a good point to say that there are alternatives in governmental engagements with such situations. Government can act well. Government can act poorly. In this case, the UK is acting poorly, and on that we agree. We can perhaps extrapolate and say that governments in general should shy away from invading such sacred spaces involving parents and children, a woman's womb, and the event of death that will meet us all.


In addition, Dr. Izabela Pałgan, a Polish pediatrician, says "...Alfie’s brain scans do not show that he is in a 'terminal state.' They do not, for example, show the state of his brain stem, she said. 'The child reacts to the voice of his father, he periodically opens his eyes, he tightens his mouth around his [pacifier]. The parents insist that he is making contact with them'... -