Looks Like We May Finally Drill ANWR

Drill baby. Drill. This is a good thing even though the usual suspects will complain.

Senate Republicans have added a provision to their tax plan that would open up the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (ANWR) to oil drilling. The left is going apoplectic, but this is really a payoff to ensure Alaska's senators support the tax bill. It is also good public policy. The United States is increasingly energy independent and cannot be shaken down by Venezuela or Iran over oil prices. ANWR will open up further oil and natural gas reserves.

Environmentalists and other leftwing groups will complain, but remember one fact. If ANWR with all is wild beauty were the size of a football field, the drilling space for ANWR would be the equivalent of a postage stamp on that football field. It would be very small. But that small footprint will boost our energy independence and make us less susceptible to OPEC and third world kleptocratic shakedowns.

I am delighted to hear this and I hope they can actually get it done. I wish I could point out the "footprint" of the drilling here to the person who was calling me vile names for pointing out that the "footprint" of solar farms and wind farms far exceeded that of oil and gas wells. But I can't because they booted me from the facebook group for daring to say such a thing.

A long battle finally moving in the right direction. The US needs diversified sources of energy as to type and location.

We have plenty of oil everywhere else. Not opposed to allowing drilling, but I don't see how it's needed right now

The liberal game has always been one of two arguments which are based on current oil prices.

The liberal game has always been one of two arguments which are based on current oil prices. If the prices are low - we don't need this right now it is more important to preserve the environment. if the prices are high - this won't help because it would take years to get it to the market.

If you've got a drilling outfit that wants to put in the resources to drill at the current prices, I'm all for it. Not opposed. I just don't think it'll be the boom Alaska wants in terms of tax revenue.

Alaska will also reap the benefit of the jobs boom this will create. Just look at the Dakotas, Wyoming, etc when the shale drilling started. Huge boost in salaries and plenty of work for anyone who wanted to earn the wage.

When we have a spill...no taxpayer bailout. No shielding part of their company from the costs by setting up ridiculous subsidies. I am sick of the USA giving corporate welfare to the companies so they don't have to manage their own risk. If they ruin it, they risk bankruptcy and losing everything. Then I won't like it, but I will live with it.

Drilling in ANWR should have happened, what, 20-25 years ago? I am glad to see this added.

With the drilling tech we have today, this should be a win-win for America and the environment!

For those who say we can’t drill because we’re running out of oil; there was someone else who cried wolf one too many times and also cried out that “the sky is falling, the sky is falling”

All I can say is to repeat the phrase ‘Drill Baby Drill!’