LOLOL. Bob Corker Called Trump "Childlike." Now Flirts With Him.

Bob Corker thought the President was going to start World War III until Bob Corker needed Trump's support.

This is just embarrassing. Corker is so desperate to stay in Washington instead of returning to the underside of his bridge in Knoxville that he's suddenly flirting with the President he savagely attacked only a few months ago.

It was just a few months ago that Bob Corker, soon after announcing his retirement from the Senate, began to blast President Trump, calling him a childlike president who was putting the United States “on the path to World War III.”

Trump fired back, tweeting that the Tennessee Republican had “begged” for his endorsement and “couldn’t get elected dogcatcher.”

But in recent days the two men have reconnected, warming their long-chilly and acrimonious relationship as Corker has moved closer to shelving his retirement plans and launching a late reelection bid.

Corker has had several conversations with the president in which the possibility of a 2018 campaign has been broached, according to five Republicans who were not authorized to comment on the discussions.

As I noted this morning, Corker is using friends in the media to claim Marsha Blackburn is not a viable candidate who will lose. He is using those same friends to claim that only Corker could win Tennessee when the reality is he probably could not get through a primary. Of course, if he has the President's support, he might be able to do that.

So the guy who thinks the President is heading to World War III is suddenly the guy who thinks Trump hung the moon. How pathetic.

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Erick. you are wrong to think that Corker wouldn't make it through the primary, but that is where he stops any forward movement. Democrats would love to put him up against Bredesen. Bredesen has no viable challengers in his own primary, so why would a Democrat waste a vote there? Corker is another Jeff Flake, and is only letting Democrats take, and RINOs give up another senate seat. To continue to buy into the idea that gave Alabama a loss, and think that is the only way forward, for Republicans, is to demonstrate the cognitive dissonance that many Republicans seem addicted to. If you want a conservative, say it, but don't temper it with compromise by wishing to repeat the same mistakes each time.


All Bob Corker will accomplish will be to give up a seat to Phil Bredesen, one Democrat who can spin Corker around in circles. Corker will be the spoiler to a successful Marsha Blackburn campaign, which may now have to waste good money over bad, just to become the candidate, and I know how Democrats cross over in primaries to cherry pick Republican challengers, as most everyone should, by now. Marsha Blackburn can beat Bredesen. Corker can't. Those in the GOP who think otherwise, are the same ones who got in the way of the Alabama special election. We need to stop this nonsense.


I think Corker will about as successful as Luther Strange was in Alabama. Corker has alienated the entire party. Having Trump's endorsement would help, but it won't make up for Corker being Corker. I also don't think Trump is going to get suckered into doing that again. The difference is the Marsha Blackburn is not Roy Moore.