Like It Or Not, Here's Why President Trump Will Quickly Get Past Helenski

The news cycle is moving so incredibly fast and with such destructive force.

Here are the major news stories of each week from the first week of April:

1st week of April: Trump goes on tweet storm about DACA; Won’t withdraw from Syria

2nd week of April: Syrian chemical weapons attack

3rd week of April: Trump bombs Syrian; Denies previous statements made to Lester Holt on why he fired Comey

4th week of April: VA nominee bows out; Trump-Macron visit

1st week of May: Rudy interview about Stormy Daniel

2nd week of May: Iran deal withdrawal

3rd week of May: Trump tries to save ZTE / Revelations Trump paid Cohen

4th week of May: Trump cancels Singapore summit

5th week of May: Singapore summit back on

1st week of June: Trump cancels Eagles visit / G7 Summit

2nd week of June: Tariff escalation and North Korea summit

3rd week of June: Border separation policy

4th week of June: Sarah Sanders thrown out of a restaurant; Justice Kennedy Retires

1st week of July: Pruitt fired; China responds on tariffs

2nd week of July: Brett Kavanaugh

3rd week of July: NATO and Helsinki

Yes, remember we bombed Syria in April? Remember that the President canceled the North Korean summit in Singapore before actually having it? Remember Stormy Daniels?

The news cycle is moving so fast that President Trump can exploit it to move on quickly to something else and many people will forget it.

The problem for Republicans, however, is that each of these news cycles just piles into the list of grievances Democrats have and those grievances are fueling them in November. What most people are forgetting, highly partisan Democrats are using to get people to the polls. The President will get through all this. The GOP? It's to be determined in November.

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HAHA! Didn't even see that! I need my readers!


Re-read the title of this article, and what I wrote, and you will see that it is not Helsinki, but a town ending in -ski. I was having fun with The Resurgent's sloppiness.


@Bill_NC I'm not sure what your point is. If you don't know that Helsinki is in Finland you really have no business even commenting.


I agree with RealConservative on this one. Congress needs to do its job whether it be updating our immigration laws or impeaching federal jurist who are legislating from the bench. In addition AG Jeff Sessions needs to resign or un-recuse himself and do his job.


Where is "Helenski"? Maybe Poland? Or...RUSSIA!!!