Leftwing Hysterics Target Ajit Pai For Preserving the Internet

The net neutrality issue is like an article of faith for the left and the heretics must burn.

Nothing has changed about the internet really -- nothing. And there have been no documented cases of needing "net neutrality." In fact, all the cases the left points to were resolved through existing regulation and law. They have no case, but the secular idol worshippers worship this thing called net neutrality.

And now they're going after Ajit Pai, the FCC Chairman, again. They've previously harassed his family for him daring to scrap the net neutrality regulations. This is the overwrought nonsense being pushed by the hysterical children.

“I like Ajit Pai personally, although I don’t want to defend him in public,” admits another net neutrality supporter. “But you’re not allowed to try to destroy the internet and then be treated well by the internet. The internet should hate him.”

Back before people got mad at you for calling things retarded, this would have been called retarded. Now we can just call it the childish antic of a zealot without a clue. There is no proof that net neutrality is needed. What the left decided to do was pre-emptively regulate the internet in ways that could stifle its growth and competition. All their cited horror stories from Europe were actually cases where internet services were prioritized to help poorer customers.

The whole argument of "net neutrality" is really a nonsensical argument based on hypothetical nightmares by a group of people who deeply distrust the free market and capitalism generally.

By the way, I cannot wait to talk to Ajit Pai at the Resurgent Gathering about this. He was one of the very first people I invited to be on stage.

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Dave R
Dave R

Except in cases like Net Neutrality which actually will ensure a monopoly’s chance of doing EXACTLY what you fear. Only monopolies will be able to afford the regulations and the regulations will restrict innovation.

The history of telecom in this country shows this. We have close to ZERO innovation until the break up of Ma Bell and the deregulation of the telecom industry. After that, we jumped quickly to fax machines to cordless phones to cell phones to dialup internet to high speed Internet to Netflix.

NN will KILL that kind of innovation. You are cool if you believe otherwise because history is so clear on this subject.


Capitalism is a wonderful tool to generate innovation and profit from people’s hard work and creativity.

Unfortunately Capitalism breaks down in some case, most of all with monopolies.

Monopiles do not need to compete against other companies to ensure good products, excellent services, and innovation.

Telecommunication companies are monopolies. In many areas they rule unchallenged. They do not have an incentive to provide good service to customers. Allowing them to treat different packets as different just gives them another option for screwing over the customer.

I’m not against Capitalism, it’s the best system for generating innovation. But there are downsides to every economic system, and for Capitalism it’s having powerful monopolies that can use deregulation as a way to extract more money for worse products from consumers. Telling them ‘NO’ is not anit-capitalism. It’s pro-consumer.