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Kanye West Thinks For Himself. Liberals Demand He Stop Doing That or Shut Up.

The left's rapid reaction force has swung into action to shut him up.

Kanye West has proven he too can shake up social media. Declaring himself a Trump fan, West dared to think for himself and the left is throwing a fit. They've quickly churned out think pieces about how wrong Kanye West is and how ridiculous it is to think the Democrats keep black people on a mental plantation. It was actually kind of impressive just how quickly the Washington Post sprang into action to demand Kanye West get back on that … ummm … mental plane.

Though I play Kanye West's version of "I'll Fly Away" on my radio show each year at Easter, I am not exactly a fan. But there is no question the guy thinks for himself and is a unique personality. But he is off message for Democrats. Kanye West's message is not that Trump does everything right, but that he does some things right. And the left just cannot tolerate statements like that. They cannot tolerate a rich black man with a massive following that the left does not have a monopoly on public policy or the mind.

It is going to be very interesting to see if Kanye West can weather this storm. It almost ensures music critics will savage his upcoming work. It just about ensures he will have limited access to various shows that would otherwise puff him up for his celebrity status.

But maybe, just maybe as the left savages him, others' eyes will open and realize Kanye West is actually right on this and the left's rapid reaction force to shut him up proves it.

I must be too old. I remember when the stories circulated in the black community that he must have a head injury from his accident for all his odd behavior. But go ahead, get excited. This Democrat is highly amused.

First, I don't trust his Trump affinity. He is launching lines of actual goods, that he needs to sell using his internet celebrity. What is the best way he can increase his internet credentials? Make a milktoast endorsement of the current President. Wham! Instant increase in following and rapid changes in opinions of people who would never, ever have looked at him twice before. Marketing 101. he's not stupid. He's canny and savvy and totally partially, somewhat, sincere. Where have seen that before?

Hes trying to sell his album. There is no need for this ridiculous assessment of his political views. Normally conservative media would be telling him to "shut up and sing".