Joy Reid of MSNBC Thinks Rural Americans Are a "Core Threat"

Joy Reid of MSNBC believes rural Americans are a "core threat" to our American democracy.

For the last several years, Democrats have been complaining about the constitution. While they lament Donald Trump's supposed disregard for the constitutional processes in the United States, they have been trying to delegitimize the fifty states as semi-sovereign powers in our federal system. Democrats do not like that states are not just administrative subdivisions of Washington and they hate that the Senate has legitimacy.

In fact, Joy Reid of MSNBC is on social media calling rural Americans a "core threat" to our democracy.

Both Kyle Griffin's original tweet and Reid's response highlight a core threat to our constitutional system: basic ignorance. The several states formed the national government, ceding certain powers outlined in section eight of the first article of the constitution. They kept the rest of the powers for themselves. This is and has always been our basic constitutional system. We are a republic with representative democracy components in its operation.

Tragically, in a fit of progressivism in the early part of the 20th century, the constitution was amendment to allow for the direct election of Senators instead of by appointment through state legislative processes. This allowed the federal government to become even more important. The ultimate solution for campaign finance reform is actually repeal of that seventeenth amendment and force the left and right to fight at the state level.

Notwithstanding that, to have a national "news" host call rural America a "core threat" to our democracy is both striking arrogance and striking ignorance. Also, like with gun rights, it would require a dramatic constitutional overhaul.

Joy Reid is Correct. We are a direct Threat "to her demoncrazy". That the Constitution created a Republic may or may not be a lost concept to her.

And to think that with most of the ills in our nation today emanating from large urban centers run by Dems, rural America is the problem? No mirrors in Joy Reid's house, apparently. Geez

Just thinking on this a bit more -- this is yet another Electoral College sour grapes complaint. 30 states to 20 states...those 30 were by-and-large rural and not the popular vote which was Hillary +3M. Not a Trump fan, but to emphasize how critical the Electoral College is, without Cali, popular vote was Trump + 1.5M. So one exceedingly heavy liberal state could well have tipped the nation leftward without any regard for the fact that 85% of the land mass was Red. Hmm, imagine if Hillary had won and 4 out of every 5 steps she took were hostile territory geographically ;-).

Dang right, Joy. Democracy is the system where the two wolves and the lamb vote for dinner. We, fortunately , don't have that system. So take your "democracy" ignorance and go away. On second thought, you don't even need to take your ignorance. Just go away.

Rural America is part of the republic. Which was designed to give them a voice without being shouted down by fools like you.