John Conyers Just Resigned

Congressman John Conyers has just resigned.

John Conyers has just resigned from Congress and has endorsed his son has his replacement.

I’m sure most will agree that Mr. Conyers overstayed his welcome and it is past time he vacate the



Agreed, Ronliv2, but we're, unfortunately, still obligated to pay him 80% of his salary. He's old, but he still probably will live for at least another decade.

They probably won't even need to vote in his district, assuming they want to perpetuate this distinguished dynasty.

Why did he put an extra "y" in his name?

On the plus side, the average age of Democratic leadership was cut in half.

@357_Magnum I think that might be a “J” for Junior.

You could put a pillow in Conyer's place and no one would know he's gone. He's ineffective and dumb. Who knew politics was a family business.

52 years in Congress. Does anybody not think we need term limits? Does anybody think Congress will ever propose such a thing? There is one way and one way only - an Article V Convention for proposing amendments. www.conventionofstates.com

Think John was representative of his constituents ? Just You Wait until you see the Human Train Wreck of applicants for his job.