Jimmy Kimmel, Yet Again, Lies to His Audience and Pushes Fake News

The media has already thoroughly debunked a claim he is now pushing as true.

Kimmel claims the Federal Communications Commission is going to charge people money when they file informal complaints to the FCC. The claim stems from two Democratic congressmen misreading a procedural change the FCC had made public. The FCC will not actually be charging people money to complain to the FCC.

The Washington Post has already thoroughly debunked this claim and several tech sites that first pushed it have already walked it back.

But Kimmel, late to the game, is telling his audience it is going to happen even after everyone else has already reversed course and acknowledged the claim is Fake News.

@IndyArcher I can remember when he was on that ridiculous sex talk show with that fraud Dr. Drew and Adam Carolla. Poor Adam, even Dr. Drew has more of a career than he does now.

Even before that he was the sports guy on KROQ. Was a pretty funny guy.


I remember when he was the sidekick on Win Ben Stein's Money on Comedy Central.

Kimmel thinks that being a joke means he is a comedian