James Comey Really Does Not Matter

James Comey has offered nothing new and his opinions of the President were widely shared in 2016, but Donald Trump won.

I know James Comey's publisher wants him to matter. I know James Comey wants himself to matter. And I know there are some television hosts who want James Comey to matter. But Comey does not matter.

He shot his credibility with how he handled the Clinton matter. Then he further shot his credibility with his leaks, etc. against the President. In his ABC News interview and his book, Comey has said nothing new and he offered an opinion of the President that was well circulated from others in the 2016 campaign.

Comey thinking President Trump is a stain on the presidency and a liar is what a good number of Americans thought in 2016. But Trump still won. Comey thinking Trump operates as a mob boss is what many people, myself included, said in 2016. But Trump still won.

James Comey simply does not matter. He has offered nothing really new and nothing very original.

What matters is President Trump and his actions. If the President fires Rod Rosenstein, he will further alienate Republicans in Congress. If he fires Robert Mueller, he will probably get himself impeached sooner rather than later.

But if the President keeps on as he is and nothing really changes, nothing will happen to him. The left is peddling conspiracies of the Cabinet ousting the President or the GOP impeaching him or even the Democrats impeaching him. None of that is going to happen in the present status quo.

All the cards in the President's hands and his actions are what matter. James Comey is yesterday's news.

Any impeachment action is all political. The Democrats are going purely on politics and the GOP is going purely on politics. There isn't a significant percentage of them care about facts, truth or the law.

Yes, but improving over Maxine Waters is like saying something tastes better than human excrement. It isn't a high bar.


don't need grounds. all you need is the house to impeach him and the senate to find him guilty. they can do it for whatever reason they like.

Comey is a completely political animal, consumed with his own arrogance. By trying to act non-political, he acted completely based on politics. Non-political is letting facts be what they are. Comey soiled his pants right there and there's no cleaning it up.

Yes. There aren't really any limits or standards to check that authority. The fact it has never been done is a testament to the difficulty, even in today's political environment. The Senate needs 67 votes to convict. Impeachment itself is nothing but an embarrassment and a show. If he isn't convicted, he continues as POTUS.

How does the Senate get 67 votes? Ever? I don't think it matters what he did or didn't do. He could be on tape having sex with Putin and it wouldn't matter. There aren't 18 GOP Senators that will risk the anger of Trump's base to toss him from office. It is a political calculation for these people and they will take care of #1 first. Even if the Democrats picked up 3 Senate seats (extremely unlikely), there isn't 15 GOP votes. 5 maybe, but not 15.

Besides that, in 2019, will the Democrats want to remove Trump from office? Pence becomes President and leads a united, passionate GOP into the 2020 race. That is much worse than running against Trump, or anyone else if he passes on reelection. They are purely political too. They want to impeach him and embarrass him, but they don't want to remove him from office. Not when it really gets down to it.


What we are seeing is a show. The Democrats are entertaining their base, and Trump is entertaining his. Truth doesn't matter, only politics, position and power. It might as well be Designated Survivor because both are just entertainment.

Comey does matter in one big respect: He violated laws that are felonies, he lied to Congress and he admitted dereliction in his duty(remember that oath of office?) by admitting to performing his actions based on political polls. He based the investigation of Hillary Clinton and those emails, which was a national security felony, and allowed several people to get away with lying in one of those FBI interviews, not to mention leaking confidential information to the press, which is also a felony. You said Comey really doesn't matter? How about the rule of law, Erick? The rest about Comey doesn't matter, but the laws should.


Comey did have a loyalty problem with Trump, one of his own making. He could mot be loyal to Trump or the country, after being loyal to Hillary. The starting point of the investigation was Hillary lost. No one took into account the 2010 and 2014 elections. Hillary had baggage from Bill's administration as well as Obama's. She did not have rhe personality of Obama, or was able to play the race card. There are a number of factors why Hillary lost. more than Trump won. In policy and agenda they were opposites. Now the obstruction of justice charge should fall apart after all that has been uncovered ON the FBI. Comey gave the collusion with Russia Comey's story some legs that have now been cut Comey's greatest achievement is exposing how he ran the FBI.


Trump didn't win in 2016; Hillary Clinton lost. YUGE difference.

Impeachment proceedings have been initiated against several presidents of the United States. Andrew Johnson and Bill Clinton are the only two presidents to have been successfully impeached by the House of Representatives, and both were later acquitted by the Senate.