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It's Time to Support Judas Iscariot

It was 2000 years ago and Jesus had to be betrayed anyway for the resurrection to happen.

I think it is time for Christians to support Judas Iscariot. Two thousand years have gone by and we should consider where things stand because of Judas.

Jesus had to die. In fact, without Jesus's death and resurrection we'd all be destined for hell. But for Judas's actions, Jesus would never have died and therefore never have been resurrected. To get to heaven, we had to have Judas.

Not only that, but Jesus knew Judas was going to do it anyway and didn't stop him. More than one time, Jesus declared he was going to be betrayed and at his last supper announced it would be Judas doing the betraying. So Jesus let it happen. Not only that, but the few sources we rely on conflict in some details about how it all went down and what then happened to Judas. I'm not sure we can consider them fully reliable sources. And Roy Moore had the parents' consent except that one time and you can't believe a biased source like that.

After all, the Gospel of Judas suggests this was all part of the plan. The Gospel of Judas suggests Jesus and Judas both knew going into all of this what had to happen. So I have a hard time understanding why we need to believe Matthew, Mark, Luke, or John. And that John guy was clearly emotionally biased because he kept talking about being the one Jesus loved. He clearly had an ax to grind against Judas anyway, just like Gloria Alred.

Here's the other thing -- even if it all went down as described, even if he touched that kid Judas sold out Jesus for silver, even if it was a real betrayal, even if Jesus really did die because of the betrayal, well it was 40 years ago 2000 years ago and it had to happen for us to finally get a fighter who'd fight for the ten commandments and against the gays get to Heaven. Besides, there's no evidence it was in Judas's character to sell out anyone before. Sure, he may have not been the most ethical handler of money, but then you're believing all those biased sources. And isn't forty years long enough for us to show some grace and exercise forgiveness, even if he never publicly repented?

I think we need to rethink Judas and probably support him if he runs for political office. He didn't just make Christianity great again, but for him we wouldn't have Christianity to begin with. He's no cuck. So who cares about a fourteen year old girl and a 40 year old event. So who cares about a guy who knew he was going to be betrayed and let it happen.

We need to support Roy Moore because the evidence is ancient and unreliable and biased against him. We need to support Judas Iscariot because the evidence is ancient and unreliable and biased against him.

Ultimately, this comes down to one thing, y'all. If you don't support Roy Moore, you're going to get an anti-gun, pro-abortion, pro-gay marriage leftist in the Senate like the other fifty or so who are there. If you don't support Judas, what you're saying is you want to go to hell because without Judas there'd be no resurrection. You'd just have another silly cult.

So Erick what you are really saying is Christians are bad for voting Moore and not the pro abort Democrat...you are to transparent.....keep your eye on the prize which is SCOTUS

I’m in full agreement regarding Moore. I just wish someone laid out a better option than voting democrat or staying home.

Not your finest effort. Not the least reason is that the Bible is an infallible source for Judas' story and the WaPo is not for the Moore story.


@Theodore12 My eye is on the prize: salvation. The Supreme Court is not going to save you.