It's starts by updating the Guest Worker Program. Get this thing right and many of the people here illegally would then be able to come into the country legally, work for a set amount of time and go home. These are good people, who simply want to work and are willing to do jobs that most Americans do not want to do or will not do.

You can then put together a 'fair' system that starts by identifying people who want to be here and assimilate into the culture. Not come in and change the culture to their belief system. I'm speaking of Muslims that believe that Sharia law should be the law of their land. Don't believe me. Do your research in countries like France, U.K. and Germany.

You then do what other countries do. You ask the question, how will you contribute to our country. I always find it ammusing when we are looked down upon by Candadians and others, who have these very laws in place. Got money Hong Kong Resident? Well, we have a nice new place for you. Some of the Best Chinese resturants in the world are in Toronto.

Get this corrected, you can then look and see where there is room for others who would like to come in. These is a very complicated issue; but an issue that has compromise written all over it; if these political clowns would ever sit down and work together.

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Still Jules
Still Jules

You are right about the Guest Worker program. When that was in place, young men would come here, room several to an apartment to save money, work hard and send most of their money back home. Then when they went home they had money to buy houses or farms, could live well, and in the meantime their wives could stay home where they were surrounded by family, and were close to their mothers and sisters and aunties when they had their children. Now they come to the US with their husbands and are miserable, isolated, and living in poverty, separated from their families and their culture, and putting a burden on American resources.