It's All About the "S". How Stupid Do Roy Moore's Lawyers Think We Are?

Roy Moore's attorney wants us to believe that they copied over a signature, but they left out a pretty important letter in favor of other ones?

Roy Moore said he'd never met and did not know the woman who was with Gloria Alred, Now his lawyers say he was the judge in her divorce case. That is a direct contradiction. Though note that this also contradicts her claims to have never met him since the assault unless only the lawyers ever went to court.

What's more, they have the idea that the "DA" on the Yearbook signature came from that divorce order that has the initials "DA" next to it for Roy Moore's assistant. So they copied over the signature from that order to the Yearbook. That's what they want us to believe.

Except, and this is a big deal, Roy Moore signed his signature there as "Roy S Moore" not as "Roy Moore." So you're telling me that they copy over the "DA" and they didn't copy over the middle initial?

Here's the yearbook:

Here's the order:

Just how dumb do they take the people of Alabama?

No. 1-3

The signatures certainly appear to be different. I doubt that I would be able to remember a restaurant I had ate at 40 years ago, and certainly would not remember who the wait person was! Why would a waitress ask customers to sign a school year book? Why would a 14 year old ask a customer to take her home; where were her parents? If she was so upset at the time, what did she tell her mother about the bruise on her neck?


There is a pretty good break down of the divorce issue:


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