Impotent Queen Elizabeth's Justice Is to Murder a Toddler

The Queen of England's judges will allow the dead of a child and the Queen will do nothing.

Doctors in England said little Alfie Evans would die within minutes of being taken off a breathing machine. Instead, more than 24 hours later, Alfie lives. So now judges have decided Alfie must be starved to death because he belongs to the state, not his parents.

His parents have been granted permission to send Alfie to Italy at no cost to the United Kingdom. But Queen Elizabeth's judges want her subject dead. It is a reminder of how impotent the Queen of England is. On paper, she is the most powerful person in the United Kingdom. In reality, she gets to celebrate the birth of a new great grandchild while turning a blind eye to judges, in her name, murdering a child.

What a monstrous country England has become. What good is having a sovereign who reigns over judges unwilling to let parents help their children live?

Animl Farm & 1984. Orwell proves himself an oracle again...

Sorry... Animal...

Coming soon to the USA if the "dream" of a single-payer medical system is attained. The royal equivalents, the government elites, will have any healthcare they want while We the People will get whatever the government deems appropriate. If that means your child starves to death, so be it. The Government knows best.


Is...is Erick advocating for a all powerful, unelected, judge in England?

It would be nice if she came out against it Erick but it's absurd to want the queen to have any political power. Monarchies are the exact opposite of American ideals.

I guess some of us in the USA don't understand that the Queen has no political power. Even if she came out against what is happening to little Alfie, it would not make any different. If Italy making Alfie a citizen and threating to sue hasn't done the trick, the Queen saying to stop won't matter. I do believe that the Church of England should voice an opinion for the record, but I'm sure that won't make any difference, since the Pope's opinion didn't.

One thing you forget is that the Queen of England is the head of the COE. She is the church!


This is all related to the sanctity of Life issue and it's very hard is abortion. abortion set the stage for this kind of thinking.

God will judge us on how we treat the least of his children. We must all continue to pray for a miracle and for the family, the judges, and the healthcare workers who so willingly will take the life of a child.


She doesn't need political power. All she has to do is pick up the phone and they will release him, not because she can legally force them to, but because she is the Queen and they don't want her as an enemy. It isn't like this decision is based on logic and reason. It has cost the UK health system much more to fight the legal battle than to just let Alfie go, at no cost to them. This has nothing to do with money and Alfie's welfare and everything to do with proving that you are a slave to the government and the government literally holds the power of life and death in its hands for every citizen. I imagine the hospital doesn't want to be exposed for being lying, evil frauds on the chance that another facility could actually improve Alfie's situation. This is exactly the kind of thing that happens when government becomes god.


Which is the exact type of thing that Jefferson wanted to prevent when he advocated for the separation of church and state. We don't want politicians, or a hereditary monarch having any position in the church, other than their own promotion from faithfulness and devotion to God and completely separate from their station in the government. It corrupts the church, not the other way around. Instead this concept is used to try and ban any mention or acknowledgement of God, which is a complete bastardization of everything the Founders believed, wrote and did.


Someone help me understand the backstory on why the courts are involved on this? How do the courts have this much power in this case?

Ditto!! Thank you for your common sense.

Yes, I'm a liberal, progressive spawn of Satan Democrat. Yes, I'm okay with a woman's right to choose within limits. But this whole thing seems insane. WTF is the deal with Great Britain apparently conspiring to "legally" murder a sick infant?

The Queen has no political power but ENORMOUS persuasive emotional power. One word on this from her--or any of the royal family--would turn this situation on its head,

Today at RedState, writer Kira Davis explains it all. Go there. I will try to find the link for you.

If you have a Twitter account, please share the above article and/or this one by Erick to @KensingtonPalace and @RoyalFamily. <--These are 2 verified accounts (there are some fake ones). It might get the Palace's attention if they began to receive hundreds of these on social media.

It is beyond my ability to comprehend how a state (other than Russia and China) can take custody of a child from caring parents and dictate the death of that child. It is simply barbaric, and should not be tolerated in any civilized society. The parents should be permitted to remove that child from the hospital and transfer him to a facility that offers care and some hope, however limited. The state should be condemned for preventing this. So much for socialized medicine and death panels, don't you think?

In the US 50 million or more children have been killed in the womb; some immediately after delivery. How does this differ from England starving the child until it is dead? The problem is caused by granting life and death decisions to politicians and judges. When will the citizens decide that enough is enough and reclaim rule by the people. The US battle death in all the wars we have ever been engaged in has been 651,008 lives lost. The abortion total since 1973 has been more than 50,000,000 lives taken.