If You Live in Georgia, Read This

Please call Governor Deal at 404-656-1776 and tell him to please veto HB 978.

You probably did not know that the Georgia legislature has authorized remote speed detection devices in Georgia.

These are the nefarious cameras that can ticket you even if you are not driving your car. They are put in by police states, not free states. Liberal governments use them to make money off their people.

And now they may come to Georgia unless Governor Nathan Deal vetos HB 978. That law purports to allow bus drivers to report people who pass buses that are dropping off kids. It is billed as a school safety measure.

But it also allows remote speed detection devices in Georgia for the first time. We need to stop this. Please call Governor Deal at 404-656-1776 and tell him to please veto HB 978.

well this sounds like an all around awful idea.

I used to live in AZ where they had these cameras. They are incredibly easy to beat in court since it's essentially fining the car rather than the driver when you can't prove the driver was actually driving at the time. It wound up being a huge expense with little results.

In CO many just ignore the notice of infraction and its attendant fine. They lack the staff and $$ to hand-deliver the required summons if you “forget” to respond to the fine.

Does anyone honestly believe that law enforcement and the legislatures are actually sitting around the group think tank telling each other, we need a way to better enforce speed laws?

No way..... some entrepreneur who understands recent radar/lidar (portable) technology has come up with this idea of appling it to law enforcement - probably with some venture capitalist’s backing - not to mention investors seeking a great ROI and is marketing it to your public agencies and legislature telling them how it will boost their income stream. I’m not an anti capitalist by any stretch of the imagination but am opposed to govt becoming Big Brother a la Orwell. This isn’t a matter of no need to worry as long as you are following the law - which you should do - this is a political philosophical issue of personal privacy rights. Find out where your legislator really stands on this principle because I can tell you emphatically where law enforcement stands.

Each one of us breaks a couple of laws everyday because there are too many of them and nobody knows them all. It’s past time to REBOOT the jurisprudence system.

Do you actually know how fast you are going? Not how fast your speedo says you are going, but really how fast you are going?

Or whether you actually stopped for the required number of seconds before making a right-on-red?

I live in a state that has these things. They are programmed to an insane degree of precision, that makes them tax-collectors, not traffic enforcers.

A human police officer is capable of observing you drive & deciding whether your behavior really warrants a ticket.

An automated traffic camera will ticket you for stopping just 1.999 seconds rather than 2, on a right-on-red. Or similar nutty 'gotchas' that serve no safety benefit & do nothing but tax drivers for things no cop would pull you over for.

Traffic cameras should be illegal, nationwide, for any offense other-than 'through-and-through' running of an established red light (Eg, it was red before the car even approached the intersection).