If You Do This Mr. President, You’ll Get Nothing

President Trump picked this fight and now he has to win it.

I understand the President’s frustrations with the Congressional Democrats, but the way to win this fight is to go into the districts of freshmen Democrats and point out that they are refusing to compromise at all. The President is willing to negotiate on the amount of money for border security. He’s willing to negotiate on DACA. But all the Democrats are doing is saying no, no, no. The President must make the case in local TV markets around the country. He must note that the prolonged government shutdown is because of Democrats’ refusal to compromise.

If the President declares an emergency and attempts to reprogram money through that declaration or have the military construct the wall, a federal judge is going to stop him. The President will not get the wall and opponents will tie the emergency declaration up so tightly in court the President could go six years in the White House and still not see a penny spent.

On top of that, with an emergency declaration, people in Texas will sue.

But even more than that, the President could probably expect a majority of Democrats in the House and the Democrats in the Senate to pass a joint resolution rejecting the emergency declaration. How’s that? The Senate Majority Leader only gets to block legislation coming to the floor of the Senate by deference to his position. But Schumer could push the issue with just four Republicans.

President Trump will get nothing but a black eye from declaring an emergency and he will not get his wall.

President Trump picked this fight and now he has to win it. He wins it by keeping the government shuttered until Democrats are forced to compromise.

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The president should call on congress to send him a bill that pays federal employees and only pays federal employees. This will do several things. If congress agrees and sends him a bill that pays federal employees, he will look like an advocate for federal employees and can take the pressure off himself to end the shutdown. If congress fails to send him a bill, he can use that to hammer Pelosi as someone who is cold hearted and doesn't care about federal employees only wanting to use them as pawns in her political game.


It looks like another D & R clown show where no one knows their arse from a hole in the ground. None of them give a rats tail about doing their duty aright. More binary 2 party institutionalised corruption theater worse than watching soap operas. How these folks without the skills to make it at a macjob get elected to anything is beyond me.


I can't believe that Trump is about to blink in this staring contest. Like, on the eve of victory. It's probably the most Republican thing he's ever done.


One problem, Erik: Trump CAN'T win this confrontation. That's what you're stubbornly refusing to recognize. This confrontation is simply the endgame of the months-long midterm campaign strategy of nationalizing the midterms under the theme of Trump's big mouth and the unrelenting immigration fear-mongering that vomited forth from it. The result of which was the biggest Democrat midterm victory since Watergate.

To any objective observer, the crystal clear conclusion to be drawn from that is that Donald Trump has managed to take the conservative position on illegal immigration, which a decade ago enjoyed two to one public support, and make it widely unpopular - not unlike how Trump managed to transform the chronically hated ObamaCare into a beloved and widely defended public entitlement. Any rational president would have acknowledged the message the midterms sent and, if not changed direction, would at least have not doubled down.

But, Trump being Trump, doubling down is exactly what he did, because that's what he always does. But he doubled down from weakness. The Dems are against him on #FakeWall, mostly for sound policy reasons (not the "it's an immorality" part), but it so is a clear majority of the American people. Which is why the Dems are not under any pressure, and have therefore no reason to, cave.

Why else do you think Trump is floating such an egregious abuse of power as declaring a fake "national emergency" to steal more of Congress's Article I powers, just like his predecessor did? It's because he's already lost the argument, and he's trying to authoritarianly substitute raw, usurped power in its place.

And all for a joke campaign promise that everybody knew would never see the light of day.

Remember Albert Einstein's adage that obstinately trying the same failed method over and over and over in the blind belief that sheer repetition will eventually produce a different result is the definition of insanity? Trump will never heed that, but I credited you with enough sense to do so. Maybe I was wrong about that.


Erick, you say Trump is offering DACA.

But you don't know that. Because the moment Trump will really seem to offer DACA, Ann Coulter will tweet her disgust, Rush Limbaugh will phone Trump and tell him not to give in, and Sean Hannity will drone on about how DACA legalization is not the answer.

And poof! Trump will renege on his offer.

That is the problem: the Democrats have no reliable partner to negotiate with.

Let Trump go on national television and make this offer. Let him tell in public to Hannity, Limbaugh and Coulter that he is willing to make this deal.

Then negotiations can happen.

Until then, it all remains blackmail.