If Obama Had Done This

If Obama had done what Trump just did, Republicans would be demanding his impeachment.

Spare me the complaints, oh Democrats. Your precious Obama glad-handed the Cubans who have now used unknown weapons to assault our diplomats. The Cubans run a brutal regime, ruthlessly punish dissidents, and would be glad to house Russian nukes just off the coast. But Obama decided he wanted to be friends.

So spare me your outrage over Trump.

And spare me your belief that Obama got Iran to suspend its nuke program. The Iranians, lest you ignored it, just announced the opening of a new nuclear facility, which means they had to be working on it the whole time. They can't be built in the two weeks since Trump scrapped the Iran deal. They even admit they started it on before 2015.

I'll take this on for all of us for consistency's sake. Like with Obama, President Trump should not have engaged in a glad-handing, face time exercise with the North Korean leader where the communist monster gets a propaganda win of North Korean flags at equal display with the American flag.

And for what?

We got nothing from this it would seem except the promise of more talking. And while we are talking, they are building nuclear weapons. About the only reason, they've gotten to this point is because China would very much like for the United States to wind down its military presence in Asia, so China has less to worry about as it expands.

The whole design of this is offensive. The President pees in the punch bowl of the G7, insists the Russians come back into the organization, then flies off to Singapore to make kissy face with a man who routinely murders his own people.

Had Barack Obama done that, Republicans would be demanding his impeachment.

I generally think Donald Trump has run a pretty mature foreign policy that works for American interests. But this past week has been a diplomatic farce, and I suspect those generic ballot numbers that have had Democrats panicking are suddenly going to swing back in their direction.

Having the American President abdicate his leadership of the G7 to flirt with a communist monster is unacceptable. Diplomacy to get rid of North Korea's nukes would be great. But that's not what happened. Instead, we gave the North Koreans a considerable PR win in Asia, gave them credibility in South Korea, and came home with just a participation trophy.

The "tribalism" in todays politics is quite frightening. Everything attempted to be discussed in a sane and civil manner is rejected by the "oh, yeah, well what about------------------!!!!!" (fill in the blanks)


Fact is - right or wrong, bankruptcy is not an uncommon "tool" for developers in this Country - as is "creative financing."

Interesting how little discussion there was that "other former Realtor" in the same election, Hillary - and the corrupt disaster that was Whitewater (where every check was sent "In Care of Hillary Rodham." )

Hillary and the anti-Trumpers also belittled how Trump made his Billion(s) with a $1 MIL loan from his dad. Of course, it still took him years of working within a familiar business.

Whereas Ms. Rodham turned $1K into $100K within a year, with zero Cattle Trading Futures experience - and then got "bored" and walked away. She, indeed, must be a towering financial genius whose heart is only with helping those around her. There is no other possible explanation.

WHATABOUT this other person who did a bad thing 30 years ago, that makes our guy doing a bad thing OK.


ladini, You really make a point when you compare Trump's behavior to Hillary's bad behavior! They are the same just different sides of the same coin!

I think Trump is doing it right. His objectives are on target. His methods are unorthodox for politicians but not for business negotiations. Most objections are from the perspective of the immediate pain we will feel as a result but when you consider the amount of time and wasted effort gone before that the old ways worked against our long term self interest I think a new approach is warrented. That pain we will feel is inevitable and it will not be as bad as people think. As the saying goes, "no pain, no gain". If Trump were to continue on the policies of the past we would get nowhere and lose ground. His tactics will be in our favor in the long run and I dont believe it will be that long.
In regards to NK, undeserved praise for the dictator is worth de- nuking the north