If I Were On Brett Kavanaugh's Legal Team, Here's What I Would Advise

Kavanaugh himself should call for what I personally think would be a terrible idea.

If I were Kavanaugh's team, I'd have Brett hold a press conference, take no questions, and say:

"The Senate should spend Tuesday and Wednesday before this week's vote and hold open hearings on this and interview Ms Ford and me. I cannot say more strongly that I vigorously deny the charges than that I vigorously deny the charges. But Ms. Ford clearly believes something happened to her in high school and though I again am adamant that I was not involved, perhaps a full and open hearing might either reveal that something happened and through the witness of public spectacle we can find an assailant or, at a minimum, provide Ms. Ford some closure. Again, I categorically deny the accusation against me. I did not do this. But we should not dissuade people from coming forward and I think a refusal to hear someone who makes such an accusation could hurt others who might be discouraged from coming forward. I look forward to answering the Senate's questions and showing the Senate I did nothing wrong and I have nothing to hide."

But me personally? I do not think the Senate should hold a public hearing on a single, uncorroborated 35 year old allegation. It sets a terrible precedent for future, single sourced accusations that lack evidence.

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Kavanaugh will withdraw. He might as well do it. The Republicans will not back him as too many are cowards.

The U.S. is going down. We have a feminized society and such a society can not survive.

Women should never have been given the vote. They are too mentally unstable.

Men who vote for women are fools and deserve the servitude that is in their future.


I get so frustrated by people freaking out about overturning Roe v. Wade. It will never happen! The chances of all the required events/cases for such an idea to even appear before the Supreme Court is so infinitesimally miniscule that the very idea is ridiculous. As for these allegations, there are too many holes in the story for it to have any credibility.


Whether confirmed or not, I hope Kavanaugh will end up a better judge.

He is essentially a defendant who is not going to have an easy time defending against accusations that come out of an insane political environment.

I've been a federal criminal defendant. The federal judge would not let us talk about the law, the case law, nor our belief and understanding about the law. The federal judge worked to limit our defense to ensure the desired guilty verdict.

The fourth circuit court of appeals decision was poorly written, misstated the facts, and outright lied so as to uphold the verdict.

It's terrible to be wrongly accused. It's also terrible to have a judge tie your hands so as to be unable to defend your case.

Whatever the outcome in Kavanaugh's confirmation process, I hope he grasps what it is like to be a defendant, and that he takes that lesson to heart, and that he ends up a better judge.

Robert Moore
Robert Moore

I think Erick is wrong here, as frustrating as this might be. It's a trap and there's no way out of it.

Now you know how the Democrats felt when Mitch McConnell blocked the Garland nomination: the other side using the rules of the game to their advantage. It's infuriating, but deep-down you know that rules are rules.

And yes, it's a trap, and yes, there's no way out of it.

This nomination will tip the balance, and will very likely lead to the goal that the Republican party has been fighting for since the 1980s: illegal abortion in 50 states.

If you look beyond that event, Republicans are going to need to deal with the political downside of doing something 70% of Americans oppose.

If the Republicans make abortion illegal in the context of two Supreme Court justices with iffy records, you are throwing gasoline on the fire.

This is a trap set by the Democrats, and it's annoying, but there's no way out of it. The nomination has to be delayed, and may even be killed now.

SC Welch
SC Welch

Sadly, Fake Republican Flake has already bailed. I believe he just latched on to this allegation as a way to withhold his vote. A couple more would cause an embarrassing Bork moment for Kavanaugh. democRATS are terrified of doing the right thing lest they be voted out next time around by rabid anti-women women who fear their "right" to kill innocent children would be forever compromised and back street abortionists would be chasing them down (they could choose not to have random sex and get pregnant, but I digress.) This mememetoo moment is a ploy to slap Trump, nothing more. The complainant has several things that compromise her claim: 1. She's a liberal. 2. She's a psychologist. 3. She's a college professor. Those three things right there should tell the world everything they need to know about her credibility.