I Would Rather the Poor From Africa Than the Rich From Norway

I would rather the immigrant from Africa, Asia, or South America who lives in a kleptocracy and wants a better life.

The underlying premise of the President's statement about s***hole countries is wrong. A Norwegian immigrant would more likely come here and start demanding his Norwegian way of life on us than a poor person from Africa. The poor person from Africa wants to be American. The Norwegian already thinks of himself as a citizen of the world. The Norwegian would just be coming here for a job. The African would be coming here to be an American. The African may be coming from a third world kleptocratic s***hole with a dictator who steals from his people and kills dissidents, but that is why, in part, the African will make the most of the American dream. He wants an escape from that place and wants the American dream.

To be sure, the well educated first generation Norwegian would probably do better in the United States than a first generation African immigrant in terms of income. But that African immigrant would be more likely to embrace this country and its ways and indoctrinate his children into a long term love of this country because this nation means so much more to those of little means in s***hole countries than it does to Western socialist democracies who already turn up their noses at the notion of American manifest destiny.

I would rather the immigrant from Africa, Asia, or South America who lives in a kleptocracy and wants a better life, not just a better job. They will be the American families that will yield a patriotic love of America through generations. And that the President does not understand this should be a warning sign on his ability to deal with immigration policy at all. His understanding is clearly superficial and lacks substance beyond the power of positive thinking.

@johntfs:"Not quite. You need to invite more people who don't vote for you and then get them to vote for you. Or otherwise the people who do vote for you will die off and your voting base will shrink into insignificance."

That is total shit and you know it, the base has kids, they are taught their parents values and by and large the right has more kids then the left among native births, the idea you "need to invite more people who" and namely "who do not vote for you" and as around 30 years of polling data shows will NEVER vote with/for you only shows what a reality detached loon you and the cucks really are.

@ Jack_Krevin There are no "natural conservatives" as far as I know. I can go out in my yard later to try to gauge the political affiliation of the squirrels but I don't see that going anywhere. That said, there are some points of agreement that Hispanics have toward conservative ideals. There are doors that can be opened to get people who don't normally vote GOP to do so. Donald Trump proved that in his victory over Hillary Clinton. And so what if we absorb some traits from other cultures? That's a good thing. That's how America is supposed to work. We take the best from everywhere and blend it together to make something better. @AmericanSpartan So your plan for the future of the GOP is to outf**k every other demographic? Well, good luck with that.

Wow the comments went in the gutter!

No, they are not coming here to be Americans. They are coming here to create enclaves and communities within communities to perpetuate their homeland values. Case in point- there are a number of charter schools in Columbus, Ohio which are run by and cater to the huge number of Somali soft-invaders who are colonizing that city. They aren't learning American history, English or ways to assimilate. Their teachers are Somalis, their outreach is to Somalis and their language is Somali. They keep their Muslim dress, their Somali language and cling to their Somali customs- including some odd and bizarre bathroom hygiene. It's not to become American, Erick, it's to foster a soft invasion. I know, I've seen it with my own eyes. Wake up Erick. Not sure what's happening to you, but you seem to be trending away from Conservatism since Trump was elected. I'm not a Trumper, nor am I Never-Trumper. Is he crass and low-brown sometimes? Yup. Would I invite to dinner at my house? Nope. But is there anything he could do that you would not find something to object to?

@johntfs : Now your just being pedantic. But fine. The idea that there are "there are some points of agreement" with the Hispanics which would allow them to vote in meaningful numbers for Republicans without them becoming Democrat-lite is not substantiated. There is no evidence they are particularly conservative even if, on a personal level, they might shave a handful of positions that Republicans do as well. Their fundamental view of the relationship of government to its citizens is far closer to the Democrat's than Republicans. We can not appeal to them without fundamentally altering everything we stand for and even then the Democrats can always outbid us as Santa Claus. Its a losing proposition.

No, to "absorb some traits from other cultures" is not a "good thing". Its, at best, a neutral thing highly dependent on the traits being absorbed. Since I'm for small, limited government and they, as a rule, aren't I have no desire to absorb those traits.

Further America was never about taking "the best from everywhere and blend it together ". It first and foremost was about British subjects taking the concept of personal liberty a little bit farther than the Crown was willing to go. Any blending of cultures was occidental to that purpose and why America is great.

And it should be pointed out that Pre-1965 our immigration policy explicitly was designed around preserving the founding demographic. Simply put the "Nation of immigrants" is more personal fable than hard reality.

One of the causes of the first cracks in my previous "conservative" viewpoint on immigration was hearing Ann Coulter (I believe on Redeye) essentially argue what a couple people here have argued: we should restrict immigration because immigrants will likely vote for the Democrats. I thought about her argument in the context of abortion and realized that if we used the same logic on that issue, conservatives would need to stop fighting for the lives of the unborn since legal abortion shifts demographics in favor of pro-life people, who are presumably conservative in other views as well, over time. It made me realize that we can't make decisions on issues, especially issues with a moral component based on political expediency. I've come to my current views that immigration (as a resident alien, not a citizen) should only require security an communicable disease checks, based on seeing it as both immoral and a violation of my laissez-faire free market values to prevent someone from accepting a job from a willing employer and condemn them to a life of poverty because they were born on the wrong side of a line on a map.

"A Norwegian immigrant would more likely come here and start demanding his Norwegian way of life on us..." "The African ... wants an escape from that place and wants the American dream."

This "more likely" allegation ignores reality. For a very few of notable examples, the Somali immigrants in Minnesota, the Cuban immigrants in Florida, any one of the "Chinatowns" and the Spanish speaking immigrants in California and Texas consistently demonstrate that many do not care to assimilate into our culture. Rather, demonstrated is a desire to bring his or her own culture to the US, and demand that the rest of us respect that cultural enclave. I recommend a visit to any of the existent enclaves followed by a reassessment of one’s definition of assimilation.

All this is trivial when the crux is legal versus illegal immigration. A sovereign nation must be able to dictate its own immigration policy and enforce compliance. The discussion of preferred immigrants who desire to assimilate and can contribute to our society should be determined by representatives of the voting public via their representatives. If one does not agree with that policy, by all means, proceed to change it via due process. Until that occurs, enforce the policy.