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I was one of the pioneers in the anti war movement in Palo Alto California in 1965..The FBI abused their power to intimidate us back then. Essentially the FBI was operating as a corrupt political protection racket to the highest bidder back then. This is a serious felony. This behavior must be prosecuted as the serious felony, which it is.

theFBI shot dead an unarmed woman in Ruby ridge , Shot dead an unarmed rancher just 3 yrs ago where that 400 acre wildlife refugee was occupied and after killing him opened fire on a car full of women luckily they weren't killed . These were AMERICAN CITIZENS . Some thing BAD is happening to our liberty.We loose liberty every time that gavel strikes its block in Washington , and President Trump is a temporary break ,as usual American Fools will put Democrats in power again and the destruction of our liberty will begin again because socialism and liberty cannot survive together.

The FBI did NOT shoot the Bundy dude, Fincum, 3 years ago. Oregon State Police did. You should get your facts straight and stop with the feminine wailing and gnashing if teeth.

Thank you for your service to our country. You were ahead of your time in 1965. Would that our leaders at that time have listened to you, your colleagues and George Kennan in his 1966 testimony to the Fulbright Committee, we could have saved many of our fellow citizens from injury, death and other personal calamities of war.

The FBI is not the only federal agency engaged in armed bullying of American citizens. Remember, it was the BLM that started the whole Bundy mess. And the IRS is the American Gestapo, given authority to confiscate property at will without any hearing or recourse. Get yourself ready for some feminine wailing here, LWM, you little sexist, you------the job of the federal government is clearly laid out in the Constitution. It is severely restricted as to size, scope and power. Most authority, and anything not specifically delegated to the federal government IN THE CONSTITUTION is left to the states, or to the people. Laws can only be made by Congress or elected legislative bodies, not by agencies run by un-elected political appointees who, by the way, usually can't even be fired. We don't, and can't, force the government back to its only legal duties because that would require developing a coherent political philosophy and sticking to it, which is not nearly as emotionally rewarding as Identity Politics. There----some feminine gnashing of teeth. Which is actually less girly than that post.