I Thought This Too, But I Was Wrong. So Are You.

Today we'll hear grand things and high-mindedness about why the State of the Union speech matters. But it does not.

It was a great speech. For the first time in forever, to quote the lyric my nine year old sings at random times, Donald Trump was Presidential. He strode into the House of Representatives, took to the world stage, and delivered a great State of the Union address. He became President that night. His speech hit the right notes. The applause lines drew real applause for the most part. He showed he could become the President many of us were skeptical he could ever become.

The next day, everybody was talking about his speech. It was the major headline across news networks. Even networks that rarely say anything nice about the President were saying nice things about his speech, his delivery, and the reception of his speech.

Within forty-eight hours of his speech it was all gone; vaporized by his twitter feed. The President we saw in the House of Representatives that night was more Cinderella's stagecoach at the ball. Midnight struck and suddenly we're left with an orange mess.

I was wrong. I thought that moment in 2017 could be a turning point towards something new, focused, and disciplined. But it was just an act on a stage. The President fell back into his undisciplined behavior and caused a multi-day news cycle about his speech to spin off into insanity.

He will do it again. Events of his own design will overtake this speech. So tonight we'll go through all the pomp and circumstance America has to offer as a republic and by Friday we'll be on to the latest mean tweets. The speech will be all but forgotten and its agenda ignored. It makes you wonder if it is worth it. And, to answer that, it is not. The amount of taxpayer money spent to orchestrate tonight will be a waste and all the energy put into the speech will amount to nothing by Friday.

Events change things and this President is spectacularly successful and creating the events to change things all to his own disadvantage. It's kind of sad really.

But today, we'll hear grand things and high-mindedness from a lot of people who will tell us how it matters and why it matters. It won't matter at all.

How can we help MAGA? Amy Wax is a Professor of Law at the University of Pennsylvania and is a former assistant to the United States Solicitor General. The following two paragraphs are quotes from a recent speech that she made at Hillsdale College:
“Almost half of all children are born out of wedlock, and even more are raised by single mothers.Many college students lack basic skills, and high school students rank below those from two dozen other countries. “Get married before you have children and strive to stay married for their sake. Get the education you need for gainful employment, work hard, and avoid idleness. Go the extra mile for your employer or client. Be a patriot, ready to serve the country. Be neighborly, civic-minded, and charitable. Avoid coarse language in public. Be respectful of authority. Eschew substance abuse and crime.”
Her speech was loaded with many other facts and suggestions; however I believe she missed the most important advice available.

So how do we help MAGA? 2nd Chron. 7:14 is the answer. God said, “If my people (Christians) who are called by my name shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; THEN will I hear from heaven and will forgive their sin, and will HEAL THEIR LAND.”


What is it with people anymore. No one said "we yearn for the swarm words of the great Obama" or that we should go back to the "eloquence, honesty, and reality of the Obama WH." Erick is merely saying that things would be a lot better if the President would say what he actually believes and do what he promised. That he'd try to be something more than a petulant child. If that make you happy. If hearing your president calling people names and smearing their families is ok with you fine. So be it. But just as you are entitled to your opinions so to are we who prefer to see an adult male in the White House who holds up the honor of his office. Because others didn't doesn't mean he shouldn't. It's all the more reason why he should. But it seems like in todays world it appears that the only thing that matters is that he does a few things well and a majority of things wrong.


Oh yeah 44 destroys America with open borders and giving Iran nukes was such a good thing!

You are 100% correct Erick. I'm surprised you didn't mention the fact that people can donate money to see their name flash across the screen during the speech. I mean, this is supposed to be the State of the Union, not a campaign speech, but I suppose that's the new normal. Keep telling the truth Erick, the rational among us hear and appreciate you.


Erick is correct. The speech won't matter beyond a few days, just like last year didn't. And just like none of Obama's did. The State of Union used to be a speech where the President laid out his and the government's accomplishments for the last year and, most importantly, laid out his agenda for the next year. It was a speech that reported the "state of the union" to the American people. I am not sure when that changed. My guess is that it was 2009, when we went from mostly honesty, even with Bill Clinton, to just outright lies and political demonization of opponents. I remember watching the State of the Union under Bill Clinton, and even though I was a kid, I knew we didn't like his policies. However, I remember the speeches being statesmanlike. Trump does give a statesmanlike speech when needed, but it is immediately destroyed by the real Donald J. Trump. Obama was the first President I remember where the speech was just worthless to the point that I quit watching them. It was just another campaign event. I do disagree that we need to quit doing them. An address is mandated in the Constitution, which could also be in written form. However, I think it is important for the President to address the American people in an official setting. (I would be fine with a live address from the Oval Office too). I think it needs to be live video of the President addressing the American people. The problem isn't with the State of the Union speech, it is the character of the men that have been elected to the office, and to the ones that are elected to Congress, who consistently beclown themselves around the event.


Trump’s tweets are the epitome of evil. I wish we could return to the “civil days” of the political ad showing a Paul Ryan figure “Pushing Granny Off A Cliff” because he wanted to control Medicare spending. If only Trump would set a proper moral tone with his tweets, like the Utah PAC that posted a nude photo of Melania Trump from 2000. If only Trump would rise above the level of the tweet that claimed 10-year old Barron Trump was destined to “become this country’s first home-school shooter.” If only Trump would use Biblical language such as “brood of vipers” to describe people who are in fact a “brood of vipers.”

Trump has made some errors, but no president has faced such a stacked deck. Campaigns are just ideas, one has to get fifty-one and in some cases sixty senators to agree and 218 in the house to agree. The only way around this is by executive order, that can be halted by a lower court judge out of the ninth circuit or New York. McConnell had much influence in cabinet members being confirmed. Graham was thoroughly beat in the primaries. McCain could be honored for his military service, but not his time as senator. Look at what has been revealed about the FBI, Comey, and Hillary in the last year. How much has really been proven against and or the people around him? Trump is a tyrant or dictator when he throws an issue back to congress? Some people knew the swamp existed, but didn't know it was so deep. People can focus on only the good or only the bad, but it should be somewhere close to the middle. Obama was the great divider by ruling by executive order and playing the race card. His expertise was knowing how fast congress and the courts moved. Trump has exposed the deep division.


The SOTU ceased to be relevant to me when Rush suggested when Bill Clinton was going to give his after the Paula Jones lawsuit, that we put our own banner across the bottom of the tv screen that read "This Man Lies Under Oath."

I have not paid much attention to the "State Of The Union" messages to Congress in my lifetime as their content are Words which are rarely followed with much action. In part this is because Congress needs to take action and it rarely does do this. The president can propose, but Congress has to act. The failures of last year of health reform and any meaningful budget process are squarely upon the shoulders of Congress. Also, I generally ignore tweets as they are designed to poke at people and if there is no response, the tweet falls flat. To judge a president (or any person) solely by tweets and not by their actions is demeaning the process. Thus I disagree with Erick and others who say Trump is a failure because of the tweets.

Exactly. Well said!

Spot on!

People seem to think the Presidency is a popularity contest. George Patton got stung at every turn, correctly or not, but it mattered not because he did the job he said he would do better than anyone. Half the rubbish pandered by the MSM regarding Trump is simply untrue or unsubstantiated. I can't remember any president back to Eisenhower who had the guts to stand up to anyone and ask them point blank if they really wanted to go behind the wood shed with him.

Atta boy Eric-just keep giving the Dems fodder for being critical of Trump.

Look at the other new that doesn't involve Trump directly. Here is a list: 1. the resignation of FBI agent McCabe 2. the Nunus memo on Russia 3. the pro-life and anti-life states 4 Congressional scorecards 5 the blue states that are deep in red ink, 6 states that recognize that gun laws don't protect students 7 states that put immigrants above their own citizens 8 the no shows for SOTU 9 Incarnation rates 10 DACA and other illegals caught in human smuggling. 11. The cost of the Mueller investigation remains hidden. Democrats are calling transparency treason when national security is not an issue. McCabe resigns as the Inspector General is about to file his report, and new FBI director reviews memo Mueller, Comey, and McCabe could be three birds of a feather.

Once again, Eric, you demonstrate your tendency to assess events guided by the tenets of the 3P philosophy: the Power of Positive Pessimism.

Your misgivings are well founded, but perhaps a bit premature. Correct me if I’m wrong —and, of course, someone will—but I’ve detected a decrease in the reported frequency and tone of Trump’s ’tweets’ over the last year. To me, this may be a sign that he is heeding remonstrations about his predilection for hasty rejoinders; that he’s curbing his tendency to take the bait. We’ll see. One can only hope.

Without any assistance from anyone, Trump gives Democrats plenty of fodder for criticism. If you don't think Trump does more than anyone else to pull his agenda off message, you must not be paying attention. Only criticism from those who would like to be his allies will change that.

IT is sad that Erick has become so negative and critical. President Trump had one many good things. His tweets, to me are amusing in that so much emphasis is put on them. I think he just likes to poke the liberal bear, so to speak. He feeds them fodder and keeps them distracted, confused and shows how pathetic the Democrats are. Just remember during his speech when he said things like helping the veterans, giving some of the illegals a means to become citizens, etc., many of things the DemocRATS wanted and what did they do? They sat stone faced and did not even clap. Erick has lost focus and credibility. He is his own worst enemy. He could be a strong voice for positive change but has become just another tiresome dissenter. I grieve for him.

Hi Rick, Yes people and Presidents lie. We see ample evidence all through our history for various reasons. However the toll of lies this President has added to the lot is overwhelming. He lies everyday about simple things as well as large items even under oath and will likely pay the price eventually! It should not be about partisanship but to learn who we can trust the most to be a good leader. As humans we are all flawed!

Merrit, we should be above giving fodder as you say to whoever party we possibly don't like for personal reasons, but find where the truth is and support that! Its not a game or a sport of our favorite team, its vital that we are lead by the most trustworthy leaders and it certainly does not feel that we being lead well by trustworthy elected in recent times.

Would he accomplish more by pretending to be something he is not? He is not an actor, as is most politicians, he is a businessman accustomed to working with others who work together to accomplish the goals established for the success of the business. A place where those on the payroll know their job and do it well; and if not, they are given the opportunity to find a job elsewhere. Most of us know, if a large business operated like the federal government, it would be insolvent within the the first year.